atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3107: Cleaning, anime, and a dead shrew

The cleaning bug bit me this evening. First I went downstairs and did some work on the basement; then I came upstairs and got to work on the NE corner of my room.

That was the messiest part of my room, bar none. I don't know how long it's been since I picked up everything, moved the furniture, and vacuumed; but I used all the attachments and tools my nifty new vacuum cleaner has in order to get everything over there as clean as possible.

I ended up taking a bunch of stuff into the basement; one reason I worked on the basement first was to generate a place to put this stuff. Result? You can't tell that I added anything to the pile down there, yet my bedroom is MUCH cleaner than it was.

I cleaned and vacuumed behind the bed, I vacuumed all around the computer desk; I took a bunch of stuff I never use, boxed it up, and put it downstairs. (This one's in an obvious place as I haven't figured out where I want to stash it yet, but that's okay. I'll find a place for it soon.)

Boxing up that stuff and getting it out of the desk gave me a good place to put El-Hazard; now it's on a shelf on the desk rather than stuck behind the stereo system...which is good because I moved the stereo over and put the scanner closer to the computer, the way I originally wanted it. (Which was last year already.) I only had to lengthen one speaker wire to make it work, too.

While I was working downstairs, I let Luna come into the basement. She's good about getting out of a place when I tell her to get out, so she's allowed down there when I know I'll be down there a while.

...and then when I shooed her out--when I was leaving the basement to work on my bedroom--she sat on the stairs, staring at the basement door. I didn't understand why until I took a bathroom break and saw the dead rodent in the bathtub.

The bathtub is Luna's fortress of solitude; IttyBit will not go into the bathtub of her own volition so Luna can get away from her there. That's how I know that Luna caught the thing: it was left in the bathtub.

I thought it was a mouse; and I praised Luna and petted her and tried to make sure she understood that she'd done a good thing by catching a mouse. I left it there because I had other fish to fry just then, and it wasn't hurting anything anyway.

But later (after I'd sent an e-mail to my brother and sister about it) I went to get the thing out of the tub and throw it away; I used a paper towel since I didn't want to touch it with my bare hands--who knows what diseases I might get?--and when I looked at it I realized that mice don't have snouts like that...and where were the ears?

Looking closer, I realized that my cat had caught a shrew, not a mouse. A shrew or a very small mole (it might be the American shrew mole in fact). So anyway, I put the body in the trash (along with the metric ton of dust, dirt, and fuzz that the vacuum had extracted from my room) and told the cat she was a good kitty regardless of what she'd caught. Fact is, it was a rodent in the house, and that's pretty much a death sentence: if I see evidence of unauthorized rodentia, I will take steps to end them.

And one of those steps consists of siccing the cat on 'em.

I didn't know about this...whatever it is...before the cat got it, but it's all good.

* * *


...watched the usual playlist, including the final eps of Nichijou and Aoi Hana. Now I'll be poring over the stuff on the hard drives in search of something to fill at least one of those slots.

But not tonight! I've still got to shave and shower, and I must be at church tomorrow at 8:15; we're doing several songs and we need time to put the finishing touch on them before we go on. Heh.

"Tomorrow"? Today, technically. Whee!

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