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#3108: I still can't believe how clean my room is

The floor around the dresser doesn't have six tons of shit all over it. It's a Chrismas miracle a week early!

I still need to de-clutter the dresser itself, as well as the computer desk. Probably what I'll end up doing is to go get a box and just put everything I don't use into it. Do I really need three cups of pens and pencils on my desk and one on my dresser and another on the shelves? I hardly think so.

The only remaining issue with the new arrangement for computer and stereo is that I need a longer cable for the subwoofer. It's one of those deals where it's 6" too short, and the next longest cable is twice as long as the current one. Whee! So I'll have to go buy one, probably when I go pick up my prescription.

* * *

Speaking of which, I only had to call the doctor's office four times to get it refilled.

I called the refill in on Monday. I called to check on its status on Wednesday; then called the doctor's office and was assured they'd take care of it.

I called the pharmacy on Thursday, then called the doctor's office, and was assured they'd take care of it.

I called the pharmacy on Friday, then called the doctor's office, and was told they'd lost the paperwork; so I called the pharmacy and had them re-send the paperwork to the doctor's office.

I called the pharmacy on Saturday, then called the doctor's office...and this time finally someone actually did something!

So one of my tasks for the upcoming week is to write a letter to the clinic about this. It's going to include the phrase "extremely unprofessional" as a description of how good a job they're doing.

* * *

Banksters versus private property, banksters win. Emphasis removed: "...[MF Global's] bankruptcy trustee is now apparently either attempting to or actually has seized customer property held in gold and silver vaults if those bars were transacted through MF Global!"

If you bought gold or silver bars through MF Global, the bankruptcy trustee of said rotted hulk is attempting to take something you bought and paid for.

This is kind of like buying a car from a dealership which subsequently goes bankrupt, and the dealer's bankrupcy trustee reposessing your car. You bought the car from the car company and (essentially) paid the dealer a fee for his help in the transaction; the dealer has no actual claim to the vehicle once the transaction has been completed.

That would clearly be illegal; but thanks to the byzantine financial laws--bought and paid for by Wall Street--there may be a legal way for a firm like MF Global to do this. It's called "clawback", something Denninger has discussed before in detail.

Then people wonder why businesses won't invest. Yeah.

* * *

Today the choir did six songs in a row:
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Sleep, Holy Babe
Still, Still, Still
Ding, Dong! Merrily on High
Night of Silence
Carol of the Bells
"Night of Silence" is the one where I sang "Silent Night" and was the only guy singing. It wasn't exactly a solo since the sopranos and altos were singing, but it was about as close to a solo as I want to get. (At least for now.)

After "Night of Silence" the choir director singled me out and said they were "blessed" to have had me join the choir and pointed out I was the male soloist on that song. IDK, maybe he wanted to make sure people understood I wasn't making a mistake, or something, but it makes me feel a bit goofy to be talked up like that. (It always has.)

...but I got through my solo (such as it was) without coughing or sneezing or a myriad of other things I'd feared would happen, by the grace of God. And I got compliments from some people in the audience afterwards.

There was juice and cookies in the narthex after the service, so I nibbled on a few and hung around a bit before taking off.

* * *

And now that I'm home, I'm planning to go to bed. Because of all the cleaning I did yesterday, and watching anime and stuff, I didn't get to bed before 1:30 in the morning and I didn't sleep before 2. ...and then woke up at 7:40 so I could be at church by 8:15. With six songs on the roster, we needed more than our customary half hour for warmup and final rehearsal!

But it was fun.

The only other thing is, I saw that our performance was being videotaped; I'm going to have to ask the church secretary how I'd go about getting a copy of that, so I can show it to my relatives.

That, too, is a project for another day. Right now, Edward is going bedward.

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