atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3111: Christmas is coming

Well, if things work out the way they're looking from here, I'll spend Christmas day at home by myself.

My brother and sister-in-law have this big shindig at her sister's house to go to. That's at 1 PM in Rosemont--no thank you. Sister-in-law's sister's hubby is a lobbyist and I don't expect that to be merely a family affair; at least it wasn't last year and I'm not in the mood for dressing up and spending my holiday around people I don't know from Adam.

I'm especially not in the mood for having to be somewhere at a certain time to do it, either.

I haven't talked to my aunt and uncle to determine what their plans are; I suppose I ought to find out.

My brother-in-law (in Lousiana) had surgery today; no idea what the scope of it was but I doubt that he and my sister will be trekking up here this week. (They might, but I doubt it; certainly I haven't heard anything.)

Brother and sister-in-law (et al) might come down here on Christmas Eve. Or might not.

Regardless of the situation I'm going to order two caramel pecan silk supreme pies from Baker's Square, and I'll be making a pan of apple crisp, and going to get a box of Cinnabons this week. There's a variety of things I can do for Christmas Eve dinner, depending on circumstance. The only real sticking point right now is dinner on Christmas day.

*sigh* No one said it would be easy or make sense. Having been orphaned it's not like I have any automatic recourse for Christmas celebration any longer, and as I don't have a wife and/or kids it kind of leaves me at loose ends.

As bad as this is for me, though, my niece and nephew have it worse, since they lost their parents at a much younger age. My nephew in particular--but he, at least, is living with his aunt and uncle and cousins, so it's not like he's faced with an empty house on the major holiday of the year.

Still: as I've said a number of times in the past month, for some reason I'm looking forward to this Christmas, expecting it to be pleasant and agreeable rather than depressing. Unlike last year, when I didn't know anything bad was coming yet felt like I'd rather just skip December in its entirety; here I see the potential for a lonely time yet don't feel as if I will be that bad off.

Well: Christmas eve service at church, and if choir is singing at both services I may attend both, depending on how things shake out. We'll see, but I'm attending at least one; and then there's a service on Christmas day, too--so at least my churchifyin' will be well attended to!

* * *

Worst case, I get some Chinese food on Christmas eve and reheat it on Christmas Day. Then all I need is a leg lamp in the front window, and....

BTW there's a guy in my neighborhood who's got one, a full-size reproduction of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story in his front window. Those things ain't cheap.

Well, why would it be? "It's a major award!"

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