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#3116: Fungus to AT&T: Thanks for the warning, assholes.

I don't know what the hell was going on with AT&T last night, but Al Gore's Internet was shitty.

With El-Hazard shut down I was getting 1.8 seconds of world lag in WoW...which translated to "hit an action bar item, wait five minutes for the result."

I was in Stormwind and hit the action bar button I've set to activate my hearthstone. Hearthing takes ten seconds; I watched my character do the move for fifteen seconds (or more) with no progress bar appearing before I finally gave up and hoofed it. I went all the way from Stormwind to the entrance of Twilight Glade in Duskwood (on foot, because I couldn't summon a mount) before I actually got teleported to the inn in Darkshire.

On that little stroll, I saw no other actors whatsoever. No NPCs, no monsters, no critters, no player toons, nothing but scenery.

So I tried a bunch of things. I renewed the IP lease. I power-cycled the modem and router. I did a hard reset on the modem. I took the laptop into Mom's room and plugged it directly into the modem.

I called AT&T...and was told by a recording that I'd have to wait until business hours to contact tech support. Whee.


The problems started around 9-ish last night; I was chatting with Og and the thing sent some of his messages to the bit bucket, at random. At that point it wasn't that big a deal and everything else worked fine. But after Og signed off I returned to what I'd been doing before I saw his message (I'd been cleaning) and after finishing all that I returned to a computer that was accessing the Internet through a hand-cranked mechanical Difference Engine.

So after all was said and done, I ended up shutting down the computer and playing with my Nintendo DS instead.

This morning, everything is back to normal.

* * *

...the cleaning project jumped ahead another couple of parsecs.

I got the living room neatened up, I did a lot more work on the kitchen, and the family room is nearly done. I have to find a box and put all the shit on one end table in it (stuff my sister dragged out in June). There are a couple of box piles that I really can't do anything with right now, so they'll have to remain in place. The bunker won't be appearing in Architectural Digest but it's reasonably neat.

Today's project (after obtaining baked goodness, and going to choir practice) will be to clean the bathroom, and hopefully put the finishing touches on the other rooms. Run the vacuum, dust, done--and have a house I'm not afraid to have guests come to.

* * *

Well: I heard from my aunt and uncle here in town, and I've been invited to have dinner with them on Christmas Day. It'll be mostaccoli and meat balls, but dinner with family is better than dinner alone.

Also, Og invited me to stop by his cave on the day, too, which I probably will end up doing at some point. Probably after leaving my aunt's place.

So: everything has more-or-less fallen into place, and I have a superfluous turkey breast in my freezer downstairs--well, it'll get eaten, one way or another. Just a matter of "when", I guess.

Choir sings in the 11 PM Christmas Eve service and the Christmas Day service. Works for me!

* * *

Yeah, the first real snow of the season always comes as a surprise to some people.
Saw several people on the side of the road, backwards and/or bent, looking perplexed at their vehicles, as if to say "What, you mean my mother was WRONG when she told me that I was a good, rational human being?"
They're not saying that. What they're saying is, "How did this happen? I have antilock brakes and all-wheel drive!"

* * *

I have always found solargraphs to be interesting.

...there are several associated "how-to" guides, but the one that I looked at left out an important detail: what kind of film do you use?

"Photographic paper"? What kind?




Okay, #2 has more detail. #3 is just a link page that contains the link to #2, among others, but it also includes links to YouTube videos, so that might help.

Other question: when you scan--with a conventional computer flatbed scanner--the paper that's been exposed for 6 months, doesn't that wipe out the image?

Well, whatev.

* * *

The last DOOM! of 2011.

VDH on the New Vandals. Or Visigoths, or Huns, or pick-your-barbarians. But "Vandals" is apt since their actions result in vandalism.

Greece is not, after all, fixed. Seems some businessmen do not wish to lose all their money.

"Face-ripping inflation" is not a phrase I'm comfortable with for a variety of reasons.

You can really only evaluate the holiday sales after 90 days. See, most stores allow returns up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

* * *

I have to say the cats also like the cleaner bunker. They're spending less time hanging around me and more time sleeping other places in the house. Or maybe they're just mad at me because I keep running the Howling Monster of Doom.

* * *

Me: I've been sitting here for the last five minues reading random stuff rather than get moving. My arms and legs ache with fatigue; I want to lie down for a while.

But if I lie down now, I'll have to move that much faster tomorrow. *sigh*

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