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#3119: I'm not going to make it, but I don't really care.

It'll be midnight before I'm done with all my preparations. Maybe I'll hold off on the "wrapping presents" part until tomorrow.

The second batch of apple crisp is baking now. The bathroom floor has been mopped and I need to clean the vanity and toilet. The front hall needs sweeping and mopping, and I have to give the floors another once-over with the vacuum.

* * *

In order to record Saturday night's service at church, I went to K-mart and bought a $50 Vivitar camcorder, model DVR620HD. With an 8 GB SD card and tax it came to $75.

Low-light performance is "meh", but the service will be reasonably well-lit except for the candlelight singing of "Silent Night". Sound is okay for a $50 camera. It generates an AVI file, though, which doesn't require Quicktime to play (unlike the video files generated by my Nikon digital camera) and there isn't a weird electronic whine in the audio (like with my Nikon digital camera). (To be fair my Nikon is meant to be a still camera, and the video function is more of an afterthought. Why did it have to use f-ing Quicktime, though? *sigh*)

It runs on AA batteries. WIN.

I could have dug out one of my old analog camcorders: the HI8 one, or the VHS-C one. Problem: I don't have blank tapes for either one, and their batteries have long since died the death that all NiMH batteries die. I'd have to plug it into an outlet or something, and if someone stepped on the cord--yeah.

Also, this camera is cheap enough that I can do things I'd never do with a more expensive camera. Get a mounting pod to stick it to the side of the Jeep! Yeah! Mount it to the dirt bike's handlebars and go off-roading!

If I still owned the Escort, I could stick it in the engine compartment and drive the car to see where the oil leak is coming from.

...this isn't even the cheapest camera they had. There was another model that was $40, and one that was $30; I ended up paying $50 because I wanted a camera that could record in HD. (720p is technically HD, yes. What do you want for a dollar six bits?)

My only complaints:

1) No external power connector. But you're fine as long as you've got a good supply of AA batteries.

2) USB connector is built in, which means the whole camera hangs off the front of the computer when I plug it in to transfer video. I've got a M-F USB cable I can use to plug this thing in, though.

3) There was nothing on the box explaining how much recording time I could reasonably expect to get from a gigabyte of memory. To be sure I'd have enough time I bought an 8GB card for $20. On the highest quality setting, that's 2.5 hours of record time; I could have gone with a 4GB card. Oh well.

...BTW I bought an 8GB card for $20. Shit! Ten years ago 8 GB of storage was hundreds of dollars.

Extra bonus: the AVI file type means I could theoretically convert video and post it on YouTube, or even Photobucket if I were to upgrade to a pro account.

* * *

I hit the grocery store for a few last-minute things. I ended up buying more Pepsi (still on sale for about $2.75 a half-case) and chicken thighs, because I'd planned to have chicken Rice-a-Roni with actual chicken in it. That turned out rather well, and in a little bit I'm going to have to eat more of it since that was around 7-ish and it's now 11.

* * *

One of the secrets of my apple crisp? Fresh-ground nutmeg. In the kitchen is my grandmother's nutmeg grater, in a jar with nutmegs; I take that and grind some up. That's going wherever I go, damn it.

* * *

And to finish this post, here's another Christmas-themed Garfield Minus Garfield:


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