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#3123: Okay, we're back to blogging about politics and stuff

Actually I'm still in "I'm gonna SLEEP!" mode, despite remaining in bed for most of the day.

I got up around 11-ish for a Cinnabon and to feed the cats; then went back to bed. I got up at 3:21 and had some food; now that the cats have been fed I'm thinking of going back to bed again. I was not kidding about how tired I was.

* * *

Metal thieves! How bad does an economy have to be before people begin making careers out of recycling?

* * *

Papal papers palpable! Previously private pontifical prognostications paraded publicly!

That's too much alliteration, even for me.

* * *

Advice Goddess: There is no freedom of speech in Islam.

* * *

Michael Flynn demolishes some Christmas myths.

Okay, the 25th is celebrated as Jesus' birthday because of sound Christian reasons. I didn't know that; I too thought it was just the early church co-opting a pagan festival by appending Christmas to the end of it.

* * *

Apparently there is a reason I don't buy much SF any more. Actually I had no idea it was like this.

Well, oddly enough, in the 1970s SF was highly epimethean. (Opposite of "promethean". Look it up.) The 1970s, when we were experiencing a lot of the prevailing conditions we're stuck with now.

It's not terribly surprising that there'd be a plethora of dystopian SF when times are bad. People have trouble understanding "times are bad now but they weren't always bad and won't always be bad." So if gas prices are skyrocketing and things are headed into the shitter, why, any story set even 50 years from now ought to reflect that trend! one who wrote a story featuring anger and hatred at "energy hogs" in the mid to late 1970s would have gotten his story published if instead he showed a "near term" story that included plentiful energy. Even though a scant decade later there was no sign of Carter's "malaise" or any of the other economic illnesses that plagued us through the 1970s.

(It only took the repeal of those stupid price controls on fuels to end the "energy crisis". Who could have predicted that, other than, y'know, anyone with the barest understanding of economics?)

* * *

I said I'd bought Kimi ni Todoke #7 and Butcher's Changes at Books a Million on Thursday.

I've read KnT #7 and enjoyed it; I have not yet started Butcher's book, though I perused the first couple paragraphs of the first page just to see how it began. I'll dive into it later.

...after I've had a nap. Maybe.

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