atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3125: ...and suddenly it's Tuesday night.

After going to bed at 5 AM I slept all day, with a brief intermission to eat the final Cinnabon from the package I bought on Thursday, and feed the cats.

Gee, that means tomorrow I have to cook an actual breakfast instead of stuffing myself with 34,000,000 calories of sugar and butter.

* * *

Three from Denninger:

Predictions: how 2011 turned out and how 2012 will be. This is a rather long article but it's chock-full of interesting information. He was right about 50% of the time on his predicitions for 2011.

His predictions for 2012 are not good.


"But but but but..... we were told Black Friday was awesome and sales were doing great at retailers! That wasn't a lie, was it?" Sears is planning to close 100 stores.


Jesus, what ungrateful brats. I especially like, "Was i the only person who didn't get an ipad? I mean i got a car but thats a different story all together :/" SIC, I say.


* * *

Erstwhile robber has a really bad day. Yeah, that's pretty funny stuff.

* * *

Guess I'd better check my resume for these. 10 words that sink your resume in today's job market.


* * *

Kind of sucks that I used up that book already. Well, my cousin sent a $25 gift card for whatever bookstore remains, and I'm going to use that to buy some...gasp!...books.

Barnes and Noble that's who. Knew it started with a "B". They always have a B in their name somewhere. B. Dalton. Borders. Barnes and Noble. Books-a-Million.

B. Dalton--I had the hardest time remembering that one. In 1988 I worked for Software Etc., which was a subsidiary of B. Dalton; and the only reason I remembered the name was that I shredded that one box of ancient reciepts, which included old pay stubs from..."Software Etc., a subsidiary of B. Dalton Booksellers, Inc." Ah. Yes.

That could have been a good job if it the district manager hadn't been Hitler: "Do this or you're fired. Don't do that or you're fired. Next time the other thing happens, you're fired." *sigh*

...anyway, so I've got this gift card. I was also given some cash, in various forms, and it's going to take me some time to decide how best to dispose of said cash.

I am, however, leaning towards a Kindle of one stripe or another. We'll see.

* * *

The camcorder has to go back to K-mart, but I'm intent on doing that tomorrow. I need to buy cat food and at least one battery for the cordless phones around here. I don't know that I need all four handsets but the one in the bathroom has no battery capacity whatsoever; when I take it off the charger, it remains functioning until I press any button on the keypad, at which point it dies completely. See, pressing any button on the keypad turns on the backlight, which draws more power from the battery, which apparently can hold a total of about five electrons.

WTF, these phones were new in what year? 2005? 2006? I remember that my sister had the idea and sent me money--and I contributed--so we could buy our parents this setup for Christmas. I bought them at Target and got my 10% discount on them, and Dad was still around--so it was probably 2005, now that I think of it.

So the batteries in these things are six years old. No wonder.

I keep two handsets in my bedroom. One is on the charger and one is on the desk; and when one dies they swap places. It seems to work.

So: when I go to K-Mart tomorrow, to return the camcorder, I'll also be buying cat food and (hopefully) a battery or two for the phone handsets. I won't walk out of there with my $50 plus tax from buying the camcorder but at least I won't have this thing that I can't really use, and will have exchanged it for things I need and can use.

* * *

But I hit Walt's for a couple of cards for my sister and brother-in-law, and then hit Culver's for dinner; and now I have to write out some Christmas cards and do a couple of other things and get ready to go to the post office in the morning. I'm just going to put the Christmas, Get Well Soon, and "show of support" cards into a priority envelope and mail the whole schmeer to Louisiana so it all arrives at the same time.

Also, a card for my niece, who spent Christmas with her boyfriend and his family, in Maine.

* * *

I'm not the only one who needs a "decompression day" after Christmas.

Even though Christmas Eve was the most joyful one I can remember ever having--well, as I've been learning over the past few years, even having fun wears you out. Sometimes it wears you out faster than working does.

Also, for the first time, there wasn't much sadness that the day was over. A trifle of reflexive melancholy, no more; by the time I was finished eating Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle's house, I was ready for Christmas to be over and all I wanted was to go home, go to bed, and sleep.

Which I did...and which was fine with me.

* * *

I was thinking this evening that I'm a bit on the lonely side, since there's no Bible study until the 10th, and choir practice doesn't resume until the 5th. But Friday there's a shindig at Og's cave I'll be attending, and I've no idea what I'll be doing on New Year's Eve (if anything).

Ah, but what the hey. This way I can relax and take it easy and not worry too much about anything. You know?

* * *

Incidentally, today I got a bill from my insurance company for the motorcycle insurance. Due date: April 23, 2012.


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