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#3126: Cat, will you SHUT THE HELL UP???

One of my cats--IttyBit, the fat one--has taken to complaining loudly and continuously that there's no food.

She does it while standing in the kitchen next to the bowls containing three different kinds of dry food. Frequently she does it while standing next to these three bowls of food and a plate of canned food that--since it was not just put out--she's decided doesn't count as food. In the latter case it's mostly because Luna got to eat first.

I'm about ready to kick her ass outside for a few days and let her see how she likes that.

* * *

And speaking about crying over "plenty" not being enough, Obama's asked to raise the debt ceiling again. He and Congress only just raised it (him by asking, Congress by not voting against it) a few months ago.

So what will happen? The debt ceiling will go up again; and in a few months we'll be right back where we are right now: approaching the new, higher debt ceiling.

Vox Day: "...if you still can't figure out that the Republican Party is a significant part of the fiscal problem, not the potential solution they present themselves as being, you really have a severe problem with accepting reality." No, no problem with accepting reality here, dude.

Except for the part where "How the hell do we fix this in a two-party system where both parties are so entrenched that we can't shift either one out of power?" comes into play. I really don't like that bit.

* * *

$5 says the employee who shot the would-be robber gets fired for having a gun or resisting the criminal.

You know, but I have a hard time having any sympathy for criminals, particularly those who use the threat of violence to get what they want. Who knows why the guy was taking the woman in the back? Was it just to rob the office, or was it for rape and/or murder?

Fortunately, because the armed employee was there and chose to use his gun to stop a felony, we'll never really know what the scumbag had in mind. And as a bonus there's one less worthless piece of shit walking around.

* * *

Speaking of "worthless piece of shit"--no, that's too easy.

AoSHQ: "Mitt Romney: I Don't Want To Be The Republican Nominee In 2012".

...Romney is defending the unConstitutional individual mandate of ObamaCare.

"It's going to be hard enough to repeal ObamaCare without our own nominee flacking for it."

How many times do I have to say it?

DPUD on the same story: "Romney is only going to want to 'fix' what Obama’s done, not undo it. The GOP establishment likes over-arching gov’t control of everything just fine, they like the control too."

This is why I absolutely will not vote for any ticket that has Romney in it. It's better to re-elect Obama (who is at least mostly honest about his political aims) than to elect Romney.

Besides, a second Obama term would be so disastrous it would sour the country on Democrats for decades to come.

* * *

Fallout from MF Global continues. The fact that MF Global took customer funds and lost them--and the fact that no one is facing the prospect of jail time for same--has led commodity producers to exit the commodities markets, instead choosing to deal directly with purchasers of said commodities.

Bad, bad, bad--for a variety of reasons.

The unspoken truth of all this is that Jon Corzine is a Democrat. He was the governor of New Jersey until Chris Christie was elected. Corzine's mismanagement of New Jersey--a Democrat stronghold!--led to a Republican being elected to the executive office for the first time in how long?

...if Corzine were a Republican, would he still be walking around in bespoke designer suits, or would he be wearing an orange jumpsuit off the rack?

* * *

This is pretty funny. PR guy treats customer badly, customer sends correspondence to the guy behind Penny Arcade, PR guy talks down to PA guy, PR guy realizes he's stepped in something smelly and backpedals.

Pretty f-ing funny.

AoSHQ then provides a link to the Consumerist.

That latter link contains the denouement to the story: "Please know that [PR guy's company] is no longer handling any PR or customer service for our company."

If your business is PR and customer service, it really helps if you understand what those concepts entail. I'm just sayin'.

* * *

Anyway, I've got to get to the post office before they close, so I guess more pontification will have to wait until later.

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