atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3127: Okay, all that's done.

Got the last of the Christmas gifts mailed off, also a "get well soon" and "support" card for sister and brother-in-law. All is right with the world.

Took the junkinous camcorder back to K-mart and--to my surprise--was not even asked to pay a restocking fee. Normally most stores charge 15% to discourage people from buying something like that before a holiday, using it, and returning it after.

Not that I am complaining. Anyway I spent most of the money I got back from that by buying cat food, a new battery for one of the cordless phones, and a ream of printer paper.

All I need to see to now is dinner, and I think I'm just going to reheat some of that chili I froze a few months ago and eat that.

* * *

Last night I wasn't particularly interested in doing anything at all, and ended up playing Torchlight for several hours.

Booty, my rogue, went up several levels because I finally found the way deeper into the mountain. I'd been stuck at this one room with several portals in it, and this time I took the portal that was the obvious path forward and thoroughly explored the place it led to. I found a passageway south which I had somehow missed seeing before; and so I was able to delve deeper into the catacombs.

...gonna have to figure out how to get this onto the big-screen, because I am once again stunned at how good-looking all the graphics are. My tiny (tiny??) 22" monitor does not do it justice.

What I'd love to do is to get a larger flat-screen TV--maybe 27", maybe 30"--and use that as my main monitor. It would probably fit on the desk, and the video card has that HDMI convertor, so it would even be a digital connection. Also, WIN for WoW....

But that ain't happening this year, let me tell you. Maybe sometime in 2012--if the entire firkin' economy doesn't slosh down the shitter like the aftereffects of bad mexican food.

Anyway, I was having so much fun playing that game I forgot everything else, and the next thing I knew it was bedtime again.

So: my plans for this evening entail some more Torchlight and--if I can tear myself away from it soon enough--some anime as well.

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