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#3130: 2012 and inches

Despite getting to bed after 5 AM, I got up at 10 AM and took a shower and went to church. How's that for dedication?

Sailor V broke last year's record and arrived at the bunker after 9:30 PM, but he was bearing pizzas so I let it slide. Turns out Pizza Hut was open a lot later than I'd expected it to be, but WTF.

We finished all the Haruhi TV episodes and I fiddled with his laptop in order to enable the voice chat system that Blizzard integrated into the WoW client. Yeah, you don't need to have an external ventriloquism server any longer; you can go through WoW itself, at least for party chat.

Sailor V's voice was barely audible, though, and nothing I did (even in Windows' control panel) made a damn bit of difference. There was also a supremely annoying "local echo" in the audio, so that whatever you were saying played in your ears with a 2-3 second delay. Somehow I managed to minimize the echo, but couldn't eliminate it--and I don't know why.

We tried making this shit work before and couldn't; and the thing that kept the voice chat feature from working? There's a check box for playing some kind of sound when you hit the "push to talk" key, whatever it may be...and the thing won't work if that box is checked. (No, I don't know why.) Uncheck the box, presto, it works! *sigh*

I really wish Sailor V would just buy a new f-ing desktop computer, with an actual Sound Blaster card in it, instead of whatever crapola his laptop manufacturer happened to find laying around the factory. ("Value leader" [cheap] laptops rarely seem to have good audio hardware.) A nice Dell or Gateway, maybe with an i5 for great justice, and then go to CompUSA or someplace for a decent video card upgrade. WoW would look fantastic and run fast, and I wouldn't have to struggle to figure out why the hell his microphone is so damn wonky, because it wouldn't be. It would just work.


Oh well. Might as well wish for a pony while I'm at it.

* * *

Oleg muses on the artificial limitations of civil rights.
A resident of Illinois can look at the neighbors a few steps over the border with any neighboring state and know that they are able to carry sidearms legally. Either Illinoisans are all terribly untrustworthy, criminal and murderous or they are merely less free than their neighbors.
I must be terribly untrustworthy, criminal, and murderous, because my betters in the state government of the Illinois SSR refuse to allow me to carry sidearms.

Or, wait--no, I'm just less free than citizens of any other state in the union since Illinois is the only state which flat-out denies the right to self-defense.

* * *

My latest read over on is Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Yankee, in Japanese slang, means "gangster" or "juvenile delinquent". No, I don't know why. A fair English translation of the title would be "Gangster and Glasses" (though "--Glasses Girl" would carry more of the connotation of the honorifics) and it's a pretty entertaining story.

I've been reading it while waiting for my usual series to NOT update. *sigh*

Just about everything I follow seems to have ceased updates entirely. Kodomo no Jikan ("Domo Chicken") apparently hasn't updated this month because there is no issue of it this month, so that makes some kind of sense; but a lot of the series I follow are being scanlated from the Japanese release of the tankobon and the only thing standing in the way of them is the laziness/whatever of the groups doing the translation. WTF.

...anyway, so I have a subfolder in my "manga" bookmarks folder, called "Stagnant", and some of these haven't updated in so long I'm about to throw them into there.

* * *

After midnight we set off some fireworks, and finished the Haruhi TV eps.

That ended up being all the anime we watched, but it gets it out of the way of other things. I don't know what we'll watch next but I recall we saw some Kimi ni Todoke and it would be good to start Fairy Tail and some others....

In any case, it was a decent evening. But since I was up past 5 AM, and woke up before 10 AM, guess what I need to do right now?

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