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#3132: Putting off chores

I have too much to do, and too little energy with which to do it.

There's nothing in the blog-o-sphere which prompts comment, except that WND has changed their site layout to something annoying and stupid. No more can I just scan through a list of stories, oh no! No, there have to be panes and frames and blah-blah-blah. Argh etc.

Last night I ran out of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. I started reading, last night, somewhere near chapter 100 and finally ran out when I hit chapter 160, the latest extant chapter. Looks like it updates every once in a while (last update in December 2011) so hopefully I won't be waiting long.

But there are over 300 chapters of Hayate no Gotoku to read in the meantime.

...not, sadly, before I get my laundry started and my checkbook balanced and bills paid and dishes in the dishwasher and--

The artist behind Yankee-kun to Megane-chan worked as an assistant for the guy who draws Fairy Tail, which is probably why there are so many similarities in some of the artwork. Rinka (in YtM) looks like Edolas Lucy (in FT)--though without the bounteous pontoons, since Rinka is Japanese.

But looking at some scenes I had to double-check to make sure it wasn't drawn by the person who did Lovely Complex because there were some serious similarities there, too. (It wasn't.)

Ideally, I would like to find a way to read all this from the comfort of my rocking chair. It would be extra-cool if I could read it from a WiFi-enabled Kindle, seeing as I've got a WiFi router.

* * *

My damn left shoulder won't stop bothering me.

It began bothering me on the 23rd, when I was sitting at the counter and peeling apples. It was mainly just a stiff feeling in my collarbone. I get that once in a while; usually it persists for a few days. Then the place the collarbone joins to my chest goes CRACK! and it stops.

It hasn't gone CRACK! It popped once, a little bit, but not enough to relieve the sensation. I'm finding that if I stay off the computer--or at least avoid using the mouse--it bothers me less, but it doesn't go away.

So I've gotten the wireless mouse out and have been using it with my right hand. I'm right-handed anyway, but I've found that I have fewer repetetive stress troubles playing games with my left hand than with my right. (Probably because of all the years I played various Ultima games on my C-64, hitting the cursor keys 5,000 times per session to move characters around. Maybe if I got the wrist operation I would discover a whole new world of touch, like Og.)

In any case, it's made WoW a chore, because I either use the regular mouse and have an aching shoulder, or else I use the wireless mouse and can't do anything quickly or efficiently. It's fine for screwing around, but when you're trying to do combat, it sucks.


What I need is a direct-brain interface. Just pull on an electrode-festooned cap and lay in bed and play WoW on the blab slab--that would be great.

...and I'd probably turn into Jabba the Butt, too. *sigh*

* * *

"I know I shouldn't have but I did it anyway" department:

After sleeping all day (again) I got up and hit the shower. Before going into the bathroom, I turned the thermostat up to 70. I turned it back down to 68 when I was done, but I still ran the furnace when I technically didn't need to solely because I didn't want to be chilly.

My real problem is that I've hit the post-holiday blahs. Being up until 5 AM on New Year's Day--and then getting four hours of sleep and going to church--didn't help matters any. I was awake at 2 PM and thought about getting up (honest!) but instead I just lay there in bed thinking about stuff, and fell asleep again.

There may be another component to this, though. I've been exposed to various microorganisms (thanks to gatherings of family and friends) and my immune system has probably kicked into high gear to deal with them. I don't feel sick but if the illnesses are ones I've had already--or "close enough"--then I wouldn't necessarily become symptomatic. The sinuses are certainly producing enough goop, though.

This is my theory. It absolves me of all responsibility for my laziness; that's it's primary attraction. *sigh*

Oh: no, I didn't sleep from 10:30 PM last night through 5 PM today. I woke up about 2 AM from a kind-of ominous dream, nonsensical tho it might have been, and was awake well past sunup. It was well after 6:30 when I finally began to fall asleep again; and as I said I woke up around 2 PM and was awake for at least an hour then.

* * *

At some point I've got to explain how Erogami, my 75th lvl orc warrior, ended up having "THE HAGGIS IS IRRELEVANT TO VICTORY!" as her battlecry. But the time for that is not now, as I've got all that other shit to do.

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