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#3134: Stuff on Iowa caucus--but first, a reader question!

I'm lying. No one asked this, but I have to clarify anyway.

Q: Why did you list loading the dishwasher and running the dishwasher as two separate chores? It's two buttons, you lazy doofus.

Okay, first, fuck you for that "lazy doofus" part. Second: Water pressure. The dishwasher likes to be the only thing in the house using water, so it's best to run it later in the evening when I'm done with the showering and the laundry and-and-and. Since I loaded it, did a load of laundry, and did a bunch of other stuff first, before pressing the two buttons, it was more accurate for me to describe it the way I did.

Okay, now on to the other thing.

* * *

Let's just spam this mother with a ton of links first:

Michelle Malkin. Mainstream media bashes Iowans as being hicks and hayseeds.

Munchkin Wrangler. GOP demonstrates once again it's the "Stupid Party".

Weer'd. He'll vote for Obama if Romney gets the nod from the GOP. I just won't vote in the Predisential election.

Eternity Road.

Og. "Barack Hussein Romney" has a certain ring to it. Pity it's brown and sounds like a bell: "dung!"

Vox Day. "Iowa Republicans prefer the status quo.", you know, fiscal sanity, economic growth, etc.

AoSHQ. Santorum is apparently a "big government conservative", whatever the hell that is. Oh: approximately "George Bush". Pass.


...which is about the best summation of the whole thing I've seen.

* * *

Other stuff:

Real f-ing science. Using Loch Ness as a gigantic spirit level for Scotland. They can sense tidal stresses from the Moon and Sun with it. Got to love the lede: "Scientists have measured the way Loch Ness tilts back and forth as the whole of Scotland bends with the passing of the tides."

* * *

Dumbass rear-ends Og, scratches his truck's receiver. Meanwhile she's got a square hole in her Lexus' bumper cover. She didn't want a police report, so they didn't call anyone. That's more than $500 worth of damage; that's essentially "hit and run" in IL. It's not Og's problem; it's hers, as her vehicle was damaged.

Oh well. Can't fix stupid.

* * *

Karl Denninger has the best encapsulation of this entire "recess appointment" mess that Obama has embarked upon.

Yes, the appointment is illegal. Yes, Obama's seizing more power. Yes, it's an impeachable offense.

...but if the GOP fights it, they give Obama another hammer to hit them with. Even if the GOP managed to get the impeachment, it's an election year and it would give Obama a boost in the polls. And the issue is too fine-grained for most people to care about; they're too busy trying to make ends meet and keep their heads above water to dig into the details.

* * *

The Democrat unreality bubble continues.

* * *

Midwest Chick brought up something I had not heard about.

Someone had the gall to change one line in John Lennon's signature tune! OMG THE HORROR! Cee Lo Green (whoever the hell that is) sang "Imagine" in Times Square on 12/31/11. When he got to the line, "Nothing to kill or die for/And no religion too" he replaced the last line with, "And all relgion's true".

You know what? John Lennon was an asshole. "Imagine" is the anthem of hippie assholes. The world he advocates in that song isn't any place I would like to live; it's missing everything that makes life worth living or even sensible.

* * *

Graumagus on the drafting courses he took in high school. "How many of you guys out there can say you use something you took as an elective in high school on a daily basis?"


I've told the tale here before; in my sophomore year I took a typing class. I use that skill every day!'s given me handwriting which is a one-way cypher, but damn can I type.

* * *

You still have to love Shit My Dad Says on Twitter.

"He's nice now but he WAS an asshole. Just 'cause a piece of shit dries up and stops smelling, doesn't mean it's not still a piece of shit."


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