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#3135: Getting things done

Now all the bills for the month are paid. There's only one thing bothering me now: the envelope from State Farm asking for money in May for insuring the dirt bike.


The statement is dated mid-October, and since I got the road bike in September (and switched the insurance within a day or two) I have no idea what's going on. I tried stopping at the insurance agent's office on my way to the bank this afternoon, but they were out. It can wait. I probably won't be riding the bike this week, and I do have the insurance card for the road bike even if I do--so it's not exactly an emergency.

* * *

Some night this week, dinner is going to be this recipe for beef pepper steak I found in a Bible in my Bible study class. It's for a slow-cooker and sounds pretty tasty. It says to use beef broth but I don't have any; I do have plenty of chicken and turkey broth. What the hey. But first I have to get off my duff and rummage through the freezer for the meat and broth, then defrost both and get them into the cooker in the appropriate fashion. Also, take some of the frozen green pepper strips from the upstairs freezer, etc, etc. And I don't feel like doing that today, so probably I'll make spaghetti sauce and have ravioli tonight.

But I'll do the pepper steak soon, and if it tastes good, I'll post the recipe.

* * *

A day or two more and the Christmas decorations have to come down. I might wait until Saturday to do it.

* * *

Now both cats have gotten onto the "Where's our food?" bandwagon.

...put out a can of food when I got up after noon (which is good, considering I didn't fall asleep before 5:30 AM) and they both attacked it, but now they're acting like there's absolutely no food whatsoever.

I counted, just to make sure: one, two, three kinds of dry food plus the remaining canned food makes FOUR KINDS OF CAT FOOD FOR THEM TO EAT.

Too goddamned bad! If you won't eat any of the four kinds of food that I've set out for you, go hungry! Maybe you'll get hungry enough to eat something if you turn your nose up at it for a day or two.

What the fuck.

All I can really do at this point is to clean the bowls and make sure the food is fresh, and they can either eat it or not. But I'm not about to start opening a can of food every three hours.

I have no idea why they're like this all of a sudden. For years these animals have been given two cans of cat food per day--one in the morning, one in the evening--and have had a couple different kinds of dry food to choose from. They ate the canned food and nibbled at the dry food. suddenly the dry food is plutonium and the canned food has to be changed every three hours? I don't f-ing think so.

* * *

But: the chores are done and I feel sleepy, so I think I'll hit the hay for a little while before I worry about anything else.

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