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#3136: Uh oh, Obama goes! theory. Over the past four years or so Obama has successfully avoided something like this but--as Denninger points out--he can no longer avoid it.

He links to this page and that leads us to the PDF of the denial of the motion to dismiss.

Again, Denninger points out that now the actual real birth records will have to be produced; and secondly, the weirdness with the social security number will also be cleared up. These documents must be produced if subpoenaed by the plaintiff, and if the defendant produces them there must be a paper trail confirming that they are actual, real, bona fide documents and not something someone whipped up with Photoshop.

Obama could have avoided all of this by simply producing his actual real birth certificate, rather than birth certificates which experts have found to be fraudulent. The Obama administration's stonewalling and obfuscation can't continue now, can they?

* * *

So: let's say, for the sake of argument, that it turns out Obama's not eligible to be President. What does that mean?

(I don't think that's actually the case--at least, I would be greatly surprised if it turned out that Obama was not eligible. I just think there's something really embarassing on the birth certificate, something he doesn't want us to know about. Like, maybe his real legal last name is "Soetoro" or something....)

Well: it means a Constitutional crisis, is what it means. It means Obama is immediately removed from office and Biden is sworn in.

Who thinks Obama would actually leave office? Show of hands? You people have absolutely no faith in him at all, do you? (Wait! Why won't my hand go up? It's smarter than I am!)

(Bonus points for people who recognize the Peanuts quote...)

...Obama leaves office, the inner cities riot like you've never seen, and it takes weeks to restore order. Or:

...Obama refuses to leave office, and things get really nasty. Someone would need to have the guts to forcibly remove him from the White House, and there would be plenty of factions who would stand behind Obama rather than lose their perks and privileges. Many of those factions would have guns, just as many as the pro-Constitution factions.

You see where this is going.

Most of the Democrats aren't going to sit still for his removal, either, particularly not the race hucksters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


All told, it's a whole bunch of no fun. But it's better than letting him get away with it.

* * *

It also means:

--Hillary runs in November.

--huge legal challenges for ObamaCare: unConsitutional because it was signed into law by someone who wasn't eligible to be President. (And, in fact, any legislation signed by Obama. Whatever can be reversed this way, there'll be a lawsuit over.)

* * *

No Biden does not get to sign those various bills; he wasn't elected President in 2008. Depending on how things shook out, that might mean that John Boehner would be President for a few months--until January 20, 2013.

If, in fact, it were found that Obama is not eligible to be President, it would actually mean that he could not have run in the first place, meaning that he could not have a running mate, meaning that Biden is out too.

If Biden's out too, then the only--the only--legitimate holder of the office is whoever's next in line of succession after the VP...and that's the Speaker of the House. Who, right now, is John Boehner.

Wikipedia on the line of succession. If Boehner and Daniel Inoue (President pro tempore of the Senate) were out of the picture, then it ends up being Hillary.

Obama cannot, before leaving office, appoint anyone to the VP spot, nor can he do anything else; in fact all his appointments end up being null and void.

* * *

I can imagine this scenario playing out, though:

1) Court rules that Obama's not legal to be President.

2) Obama refuses to go.

3) Rioting in the cities over Obama being forced out.

4) Obama declares national emergency.

5) No elections in November. could happen. By that I mean the liklihood of it happening that way is nonzero.

Other events with a nonzero probability:

a) I marry Jolene Blalock

b) Illinois repeals all its gun laws

c) Og never breaks wind again

d) Mitt Romney presides over the single largest voluntary reduction of federal spending in history

e) I win $1 trillion, the largest Powerball jackpot in history, after buying one quick pick

I don't know what to expect of any of this. The court case can be drawn out long enough that it ends up not mattering; if Obama were to win a second term before this case were to be resolved, it wouldn't end up mattering much, I don't think.

* * *

Throughout this, though, my entire reason for wanting to see the birth certificate has been solely because he has been so obstreperous about not revealing it, for keeping it hidden. "Where there's smoke, there's fire," and I want to see what it is about his birth certificate that he finds so embarassing.

Chances are it'll be something stupid that doesn't really effect his eligibility to be President, but merely makes him look bad. Hell yes I want to see that.

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