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#3137: Choir practice at 6:45

I'm reminding myself. It's been moved back half an hour, permanently, for a variety of reasons.

It really doesn't matter to me that it's later; I don't care.

* * *

Good news from Weer'd about that Kroger's employee who shot a robber. "No charges filed." Good!

Also, Kroger's hasn't said they're going to fire him, which is promising.

...turns out the dead goblin has a history of violent offenses.

* * *

"...[I]t's just one more damn Obama triumph." GM recalls 8,000 Chevy Volts out of 7,671 sold. From the article linked by this AoSHQ post:
In May, the [NHTSA] deliberately crashed a Chevy Volt to determine how it would withstand a side-impact collision. The battery was damaged and the coolant line ruptured, the agency said. Three weeks later, the vehicle caught fire, and the NHTSA blamed the Volt's lithium-ion battery. During further testing, the battery caught fire again, prompting the investigation.
The AoSHQ post then goes on to say:
Looks like Obama might actually have a plan to create more jobs, in the automotive fire-fighting sector, and of course the skin reconstruction/burn ward industry.

Every day he figures out a new way to be incompetent, failing miserably in some new endeavor.

For the low price of $10 billion, he's invented the External Combustion Engine for us. He's like a Renaissance Man of Failure.

* * *

$30 million worth of random noise.

...why is this painting valued at $30 million? What's it supposed to be? What's it supposed to convey? Its title is "1957-J-No. 2" so that's no clue. This painting is by one Clyfford Still, and the article characterizes it as an "abstract expressionist masterpiece".

Okay, here's a hint: if the artist has to assign a freakin' serial number to his painting--if he can't come up with a title--IT HAS NO MEANING WHATSOEVER.

In order for some piece of work to be art--let alone a "masterpiece"--it must communicate something. According to the Wikipedia entry on Still:
Though the styles and approaches of these artists varied considerably, Abstract Expressionism is marked by abstract forms, expressive brushwork, and monumental scale, all of which were used to convey universal themes about creation, life, struggle, and death....
"Abstract forms"? Check. "Expressive brushwork"--I don't see it.

I believe I saw a Still work at the Chicago Art Museum; I don't know who it was by but it consisted of a gigantic black rectangle with a smidge of an orange wedge along the bottom of the painting. "Expressive brushwork"? The painter could have generated that nonsense (and I use the term "nonsense" literally) with a 4" house painting brush and a couple cans of cheap latex paint from the hardware store. How much "expression" was present in that painting?

Eh? "The artist picked those colors for a reason," you say? How do you know the reason wasn't merely, "Crap! All I've got is a quart of black gesso and this little bit of orange, and I need a painting for the exhibition tomorrow...." Is that art, let alone "great" art?

If you look at the Wikipedia entry under the subheading "The Paintings" you see the art sophisticate (read: "snob") justification of all this crapola as "great art", despite the fact that it's nothing more than splattering paint on canvas with no rhyme or reason.

Let me put it another way:
Efo cayyer ilkj iwp Z fpoew qencus hhdlw umimnke; eiunmgf asu d iawei fcnj. Ufhwe, uiwff bcpemnjf, asnmi. E nasdf ujeuc! Kleias j juiawe uyajn vhuenju; uhei huawwe erhukycv nupsfgs. K! Mdui! Cj eui tdsdd geirrljks.
There; I have just composed a materpiece of evocative writing. I have no doubt that Mr. Obama will be flattered and pleased at my praise for his governing style.

What? "It's just nonsense"? It is not! It's YOUR lack of sophistication and nuance that keeps you from appreciating the artistic skill and vision that it takes to abandon the reactionary concepts of spelling and grammar! I've reduced writing to abstract symbols that evoke a more visceral response from the reader, one that bypasses all preconceived notions of meaning and context. By doing this, I have created a masterpiece for the ages!

...the only difference between my short literary masterpiece, above, and the "abstract expressionist masterpiece" hanging in that museum is the legion of shit-for-brains art "sophisticates".

The point? It doesn't matter whose anus it comes from. Shit is shit.

* * *

As for me, I need to hit the shower before choir practice. Later!

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