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Erogami, a few days ago, completed both upper and lower Blackrock Spire in WoW. I did upper one night and lower the next; it takes a damned long time to do even one of them and the whole instance is huge.

One of the bits of loot from UBRS was a purple (read "rare and powerful") tailoring recipe. I mulled giving it to my tailor on that server (Cathexa, undead warlock) but realized that it's been so long since I ran Cathexa God alone knew when she'd actually be able to use the recipe--so I put it on AH instead. said it typically sold at a buy-it-now price of 150 GP, so I posted it at 145 with a BIN of 150. After a couple of days, I got 143 GP back. Win.

Running 60th-level instances with Eroero has gotten me almost all the way to 4,000 GP from 3,500, which is where she languished for quite some time; it's been good for farming rep but not so good for experience--so she's still 75th level.

But I had fun flattening anything that crossed my path, so F it.

* * *

Lockheed talks about shit we don't need. The future for air combat is ROVs. Okay? When someone shoots down an ROV, no one dies, and the pilot is the most expensive component of any "weapons platform". You can manufacture a million airplanes but the ability to fly a very high-performance aircraft at the limits of its performance is not so easily come by.

And when you risk losing $50 million worth of aircraft in a sortie gone bad, rather than $60 billion and the pilot, you're

* * *

Don't bother playing in the Illinois state lottery. Like the rest of the state, they're broke and the checks are bouncing.

"Not bounced; returned," the spokesunit for the Illinois Lottery Commission said.

Whenever a check is "returned" for whatever reason that is bouncing. This time it turns out to be--we are told--due to someone forgetting to key in a security code.

But considering how difficult it is for vendors who sell goods and services to Illinois to collect on unpaid bills, can we really believe that it's a simple oversight? Or were they testing out someone's new and brilliant idea for adding delays to gambling payouts, to see how it would fly? (Not well, it turns out, so it won't happen again...until there is no money left in Illinois government anywhere.)

* * *

When I was doing a final shop before Christmas, I picked up diet Pepsi and Mountan Dew Code Red in cans, because the store was selling pop at stupid-low prices and a holiday was coming and they were out of bottles.

Diet MD Code Red does not taste as good as the regular stuff. The flavor falls flat--exactly the way it does with something sweetened with aspartame--and it's not supposed to, damn it. Well, I can get used to it, at least until this half-case is gone; and I don't have to buy it again.

It'd be nice if they'd do White Out in diet, though.

* * *

Ep 97 of Fairy Tail featured Lucy sideboob, and then she and Cana sitting nude in her bathtub. Nothing you couldn't see on American TV, but damn.

"Rock City Boy" is the title of the present FT OP; I expect it to change any time now, as it started halfway through the "Edolas" story arc. is the updated list of hotties from that show, no particular order:
Erza Scarlet
Lucy Heartfilia
Juvia (sometimes)
...except that Erza is always at the top of that list. Always-always.

We don't see an adult Lisanna until the Edolas story arc, but the more I see of her the more convinced I am that she's actually the prettiest one of them all. (Erza is still better because she's damn hot and is incredibly amazing in other ways.)

Juvia, for a while, wears her hair cut short--and it looks pretty good. When she wears it in the "flip/roll" style, with the pillbox hat, it looks awful.

The biggest issue I have with Cana is her drinking. She's got an immense capacity for alcohol but is rarely portrayed as being drunk--in fact one scene in ep 97 is the first time I recall them actually showing her totally blotto. Otherwise, she's a highly capable mage.

...and none of them actually exists, so listing them like this is a deafening explosion of nerdery. *sigh*

But, let's face it: even if I did have a girlfriend, I'd still be listing them.

* * *

There is a scene, in El Hazard, which takes place the morning after Makoto and Fujisawa's second night in Roshtaria. Makoto has been impersonating Fatora and Fujisawa has caught Makoto sleeping with Alielle. ("No, sensei! It's not what it looks like!")

There's a scene where the three of them are having breakfast. In the dub (which is a very good one) after Alielle has explained that she's Fatora's lover, Fujisawa-sensei scrubs his scalp with one hand and says, frustrated, "This is all backwards!"

Makoto, off-camera, says, "It's your hangover."

Fujisawa reacts to that, then says, "It isn't! It's this doubled-up princess stuff."

Fujisawa's line ought to have been, "This is making my head hurt!" I suppose they had to fit words to the flaps as best they could; I've never seen the sub so I can't say what the actual translation was.

Still, El Hazard remains one of my all-time favorites for a reason. And that scene is one of the best in it.

* * *

After my ride yesterday I took a nap; I ended up getting out of bed around 8:30 and ordered Chinese food (General Tao's chicken combination dinner again). Did a little WoW (extremely little) and watched the playlist, then was back in bed until 5.

Apparently I'm back to the "sleep 4, wake 4, repeat" cycle. Argh etc. This would be fine if I were aboard an oceangoing ship, but I'm not, so why do it?

* * *

That's all I've got, so I think I'll see if WoW is still there, or what.

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