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#3142: Bean soup!

I did the shopping yesterday, the grocery shopping that I'd been putting off for the better part of a week.

It's one of those things--New Year's Eve screwed up my sleep schedule something horrible, so I've been all over the place sleep-wise; and to make matters worse I haven't really needed to do much of anything, so I've had no reason to go to bed or get up at any specific time.

Anyway: I did the shopping, and while I was taking a last careful look at the meat aisle I saw that the store was having a special on ham chunks. $1.19 per pound, obviously large hams that had been carved up approximately at random to sell as soup-making materials before they went beyond their stale date and had to be thrown away. Bone, fat, etc, not trimmed or even carefully packaged.

I grabbed a 2-lb package, then made a quick run back to the bread aisle for some Ginzo bread and the canned goods aisle for Great Northern beans. I haven't made any of this since before Mom died; the ham slices that her recipe calls for has been too expensive and obviously I haven't needed to buy large chunks of meat anyway.

("Ginzo bread"--do I really need to define this again?)

(For those who might come here via Weer'd: Marconi's Italian Bread, available only in the Chicago area. The best Italian bread ever.)

Dinner last night was tacos, and I started cooking them right after I got the groceries put away; then I watched anime.

...faded out in the middle of anime and went to bed around 10, but I was up after about 1 AM. Had some food and finished the anime, then read Hayate no Gotoku for a couple of hours before trying to get back to sleep at 4, and failing.

I tossed and turned from 4:30-ish until 7:30, when I got up and had leftover tacos and prepared myself for church.

And, as planned, after church was over I got out the crock pot. In went the ham, two cans of Great Northern beans, a can of mushrooms, a can of chicken stock, some wine, half an onion, about a cup of chopped green pepper, and entirely too much garlic. ("Just enough", in other words.) Then I added about 3/4 cup of water or so, just to make it a full batch. That is going to cook all day, and then this evening I'm going to FEED.

Well: I'll remove the ham with a slotted spoon, save out the meat and dice it up and return it to the pot first. Then I'm going to FEED.

I expect it to be delicious.

* * *

Weer'd had an idea to turn an anti-gun idea on its head. Believe me, I would love to participate in this; really I would--but unfortunately for me I live in the most totalitarian state in the union and am denied the right of self-defense.

Therefore, this is about as good as it gets for me:

...yeah, that little blade is all I feel safe carrying. I don't want to get arrested for carrying a "dangerous knife" after all.

Considering that Illinois is losing its shit over household chemicals maybe this one is more appropriate:

* * *

(Those pics are in my "Idiocy" subfolder on Photobucket only because Illinois is the worst goddamned state in the country. Shit.)

(Incidentally, that is "pre-ID" Drano, purchased long before Illinois enacted that stupid, useless law. Please don't send a SWAT team to break down my door.)

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