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#3144: Yeah, that worked.

I was tired and went to bed at 3 AM.

Woke up at 5. Been up since. *sigh*

This is dicks.

* * *

DOOM! It's back for 2012! Whee!!

It sounds as if the holiday retail season was pretty weak.
Target’s same-store sales were up 1.6 percent, versus expectations of a 3.1 percent increase. Target said in a statement that electronics, movies, music and books were particularly weak performers. It reduced its fourth-quarter profit expectations to $1.35 to $1.43 a share; it had earlier estimated $1.43 to $1.53 a share.
Couldn't happen to a nicer corporation! (Me, bitter? Nah, not me! Every place that fired me has gone out of business, just about, except for the really big ones.)

...the store I worked at garnered most of its sales in two categories: health and beauty, and "personal electronics", which is the "electronics, movies, music, and books" part of the store. You do the math.


Best Buy is in trouble. I don't consider Best Buy to be a bad store, but then again I consider all stores to be inconvenient and annoying in one way or another, so my own opinions are somewhat off from normal.

Back when I was shopping for a new receiver/amp for my home entertainment system--I believe this was early 2006 but don't quote me--I had finally decided on a rather nice Pioneer unit that Best Buy had on sale. I was standing there in the store with checkbook in hand ready to buy the damn thing, and couldn't because they were out of stock--but they were getting more units in that evening, so they'd gladly reserve one for me.

...the purchase of this thing took nearly a week and it was a staggering clusterfuck, but eventually I managed to walk out of there with it.

In 1993 I bought an RCA Pro-884 HB camcorder from Best Buy. It was a Hi-8 camcorder with a lot of nice features. (I'd bought a less-expensive one the year before but decided on the upgrade for a variety of reasons--Hi-8 being one of the main ones.)

With that camcorder I also bought an extended warranty. Camcorders were freaking expensive in the early '90s and had lots of fiddly little bits in them that cost a lot of money, and if something went "poit" after the default warranty was up I didn't want to be shelling out another $900 for a new camcorder.

This camcorder went "poit" right out of the box, and I had to exchange it for another unit. No problem.

...after a month or so the replacement unit went "poit" so I took it in for service. And after another couple months it went "poit" again and took it in for service again...and this time the Best Buy service department made the problem worse. Brought it back right after and was told their "lemon" policy allowed me to pick out a new camcorder. I made the best choice I could...and discovered (later) that the new camcorder--while a lot more reliable than the one it replaced!--was vastly inferior in the "bells and whistles" department.


Overall my experiences with Best Buy have largely been positive, or at least neutral when taken as a whole. It's a shame they haven't got the intellectual horsepower up top to understand what's wrong with their business model.


And Greece. Now they're talking about a 50% haircut on Greek government bonds. Wait, what about the 20-odd percent haircut that was supposed to be the deal, a month ago? (Or however long it was?)

* * *

I dug the 1 TB external out and I'm trying to do a backup, but let's face it: I've got two 1TB data drives in Cephiro, as well as the 320 GB system drive. That's 2.32 TB into a 1 TB sack.



It looks as if the prices of hard drives are beginning to ease again, though, so that's a plus. Maybe I can pick up a 2 TB drive onto which to back up all the anime, at least.

* * *

"No" on all seven. None of those shows were watchable the first time through; they certainly are not rewatchable.

Well...I did get a few laughs out of Seinfeld, but there are very few gags in that show which are still funny even the second time through. (Exception: Elaine's father talking about the "funny guy" he knew in Korea. "Tailgunner. He blew his brains out over the Pacific. There's nothing funny about that.")

* * *

In the same vein: everyone tells me "You would love!" Big Bang Theory and therefore "You should watch it!"


There is a reason I no longer watch sitcoms: they do not make me laugh.

I could live with that if there were some element of entertainment involved, but there's not. I stopped watching Seinfeld in the mid-1990s, long before the show went off the air, because I realized that I was no longer interested in anything the characters did. Every time since then that I have tried watching a sitcom everyone said was "great", I have found it to be:
a) not funny
b) not unique
c) not worth the time
It's all the same thing, the same jokes, the same schticks, the same nonsense which was old when Lucille Ball was doing it on I Love Lucy. And at least she was a talented performer, something that can't be said for the legion of clowns that populate TV these days.

All of that, by the way, excludes the fact that my politics and opinions are usually derided by both the actors and the characters they play in these programs. I don't feel the need to willingly submit myself to ridicule; that style of "comedy" went out of vogue in stand-up clubs decades ago and good riddance to it. I refuse to patronize an establishment that sneers at me.

To say nothing, I might add, of the snide way midwesterners are invariably portrayed in sitcoms. Roseanne was set in Indiana, for example. If you live in a coastal city you're slender and youthful and cool; if you live in the midwest you're fat and middle-aged and stupid. Yeah.

"Rewatch" factor for most TV shows these days is pretty low. House, MD--the stories are interesting and suspenseful the first time through, when you don't know why the patient is flirting with death; but when you know it's all because the kid's got hemochromatosis and House will figure it out at the end and the kid will live, it loses its luster. Hugh Laurie is worth watching; the rest of them--meh. It's never lupus and they're all dickheads, and I've caught the writers ignoring canon too many times. (In the first season, Foreman said that House was a nephrologist--kidney expert--and that specialty seems to have vanished in the ether.)

So I've come to regard 99.997% of all American broadcast television as a completely worthless waste of time, regardless of the exhortations of others.

Guess I'm turning curmudgeonly with age. Well, if they'd actually have shows worth watching, I'd watch them; but Hollywood's been out of ideas for a couple of decades now and I've already seen everything they're doing, so why waste the time?

* * *

...I've managed to get through chapter 157 of Hayate no Gotoku meaning that I'm rapidly approaching the halfway point. (157 read out of 351 extant. *whimper*) At least now I am more-or-less beyond the stories told in the anime. This is good, because while I really liked the anime, there were some rather sizable holes in the backstory because the anime was simply not going to be able to follow the manga ad infinitum; it was popular but not that popular. (As opposed to something like Fairy Tail, which has entered a third season and appears still to be going strong at 110 episodes. I watched ep 99 last night.)

* * *

At this point, now, I'm so tired I can hardly see straight, so I think I'd probably do well to hit the hay. I wonder if I'll manage to sleep more than two hours this time? *sigh*

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