atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#316: This seems to happen every year.

Yet again (via Chizumatic).

People thinking their global warming protest will be fine in early spring end up getting snowed on. You can't buy that kind of irony.

Of course if you point that out to them, they will argue that the late snow is a result of global warming. I'm not quite sure how that works, but I think it supposedly has something to do with hot equatorial air rising and moving north (somehow) and displacing polar air, which moves south, in defiance of about 99% of what we know about how air moves in the Earth's atmosphere.

I knew a guy who moved to Texas from Minnesota because--and he said this in all seriousness--the snowstorms would keep getting worse because of global warming.

Where did he move? Corpus Christi, Texas--hey, pal, that global warming you're worried about? When it melts the ice caps, your new home will be under water.

Not that I think the ice caps will melt catastrophically due to anthropogenic global warming. I'm just saying that if you're moving because you've bought the global warming hype, at least buy all of it and choose your new home with some semi-informed discretion.

When we have a warm winter, it's global warming. When we have a cold winter, it's global warming (and I still haven't figured out how global warming leads to harsher winters). This particular winter--billed as "the warmest winter on record"--is due to good ol' El Nino. And, by the way, the "record" goes back to 1873, which is hardly comprehensive climate data.

One winter, by the way, neither is nor proves a warming trend. That is what is known as "weather". I don't know which cities had the "warmest winter on record" but here in the Chicago area it's been a pretty average winter, with maybe a little more snow than normal.

In about 20 years when the Sun's activity drops, following its natural cycle of minor variability, things are going to cool off. Do you think anyone will be repudiated?

Many of the people who are now screaming "global warming!" were screaming "ice age!" twenty years ago. Don't count on it.

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