atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3154: Ordered a Kindle yesterday

Right after the last post, in fact. Kindle Touch with ads, $106 with tax and free shipping. Estimated arrival date, 1/19-1/20-ish.

I had to dig all over the place on Amazon to find the specifications for the thing--specifically, how much available on-board memory the thing has, which turns out to be 4 GB. I don't intend to use much "cloud storage" and most of the stuff I read will be stored on the device itself. But 4 GB is plenty; the 4 GB card I bought for the Aluratek isn't half full and I put all kinds of stuff on it.

Nothing about an SD card slot, so I assume it has none. No biggie.

* * *

Anyway, time for some anime!

Lately Garfield has been ripe for exploitation, and the guy who originally did Garfield Minus Garfield hasn't done anything in quite a while. Someone's got to do it!


I think Jon could use some Xanax. That looks like a classic example of an anxiety attack.

...I just ruined the joke. *sigh*

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