atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3157: Man, what a time-suck.

I blame Wonderduck for this.

The game is called Katawa Shoujo and it's free to torrent, and I just played through one path of the like five hours straight.

The only quarrel I have with it is that some of the artwork (only "some") is less than professional. It's still good, mind you.

I have a stiff neck. Man, I don't know how Japanese gamers do it, you know? Hitting "space" for five hours and occasionally clicking a choice--WTF.

There were plenty of humorous moments that made me laugh out loud. The story was good.

I'll have to run through the game again and see if I can capture any of the other girls--but I'm not doing that tonight.

In fact, I'm thinking about going to bed and sleeping. Damn, am I worn out.

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