atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3158: Gotta get 'em all

Which is why I'm going to begin a new game of Katawa Shoujo as soon as I'm done posting here.

The sooner I get all the girls, the sooner I can become the Capturing God and end up helping Elcee capture loose souls get back to WoW.

(Little World Only God Knows joke there.

* * *

Karl Denninger thinks Greece is coming down to the wire and I believe him to be correct. My own instincts have been telling me, "It cannot be long now," anyway.

And he is correct when he says that once Greece does it and the world fails to end, other countries who are ass-deep in debt and sinking fast will consider the same thing...and somewhere along the line it'll get all wadded up.

* * *

Since I surpassed my data limit for the month, El-Hazard has been completely shut down. The billing period is up on Saturday, so I can resume torrenting stuff then, but of course I'm going to be fiddling with uTorrent to make sure I don't go over about 75 GB upload per month. That ought to be more than enough, especially since the majority of my data usage was upload. (Actually it was around 110 GB up and something like 47 GB down when I got the e-mail.)

* * *

But not now. Not when I've got a game to play.

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