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#3159: Two down.

I was right: the Rin path in Katawa Shoujo was harder to navigate than the Emi path.

I've gotten into the habit of saving the game whenever a choice pops up, and a couple of times that totally saved my bacon.

The first time? I inadvertently found myself on the "Kenji" path, which of course ends...badly.

I can't recall now if it was one or two other times that I backed up and took the other choice. One time it was because my choice led to a premature end of the game; the other looked like it was heading that way, so I abandoned progress and loaded from the last save point.

The Rin path is angsty, more angsty than the Emi path. It kept me on edge all the way. The Emi path followed a highly typical Standard Hollywood Plot Progression: beginning, developing struggle, "the plateau of good times", crisis, denouement. There was plenty of happiness in it, enough to offset the angst when it swelled up, but it was still kind of annoying in spots.

So I feel kind of drained now that I've finished another path. I may not be cut out for these kinds of games.

* * *

On the plus side, I realized that if I put the game on the blab slab, I could hold the wireless mouse in one hand and click through the text boxes (you only need to move the pointer when you need to make a choice, which is infrequent in a "visual novel" like this) and sit in my rocking chair.

So instead of feeling all cramped and stiff after spending the last five hours at this nonsense, I actually feel pretty relaxed. But really tired since--as I said--the Rin path kept me in suspense for the last two acts.

* * *

I have received an e-mail from Amazon saying that my Kindle Touch has shipped. ETA: Friday.

* * *

Next Sunday there is a motorcycle show and swap meet down in Peotone. I may go.

* * *


Brady Center files "third amended complaint and separate motion to reargue the order dismissing their case"...four minutes late:
The Superior Court subsequently denied the motion to reargue as untimely and denied their motion to amend — in part because the plaintiffs had already been granted several opportunities to establish that their claims were not barred by the PLCAA [Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act] and failed to do so each time.
My heart just bleeds purple peanut butter for those anti-freedom asshats.

If you make enough of a pest of yourself, you'll discover pretty rapidly that judges don't have much tolerance for stupidity. Pretty much by the time you've amended your complaint for the third time and your case has been dismissed yet again, you're being a pest and everyone involved knows it. The judge is not going to be lenient with you if he thinks you need to learn how to give up when you're beaten instead of filing and re-filing and amending and filing and re-filing and--

When the appellate court says, "Yeah, there's no point to this," you're beating a dead f-ing horse. Give up.

* * *

Amazingly enough, I've been up for 12 hours. I've actually been awake longer than that. I think I'll remedy this travesty.

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