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#3168: AoSHQ has got a ton of stuff

A story about someone suing the EPA for being a draconian bunch of goose-steppers.

The Hot Air link that inspired the post.

EPA actions like that should be subject to the "takings" clause. If the EPA wants to declare someone's property to be wetlands, or the habitat of a protected species, let them buy it at fair market prices.

Iran threatens to bomb us with ballistic missiles if we bomb their nuke sites. As Ace points out, I guess we know what to target first, then, don't we? (Hint: not the corner Starbucks.)

Simple fact: we can take out Iran's critical infrastructure any time we want to, and they lack the ability to hit us as easily as we can hit them.

They could set up some "baka bomb" container ships by installing some missile launchers in them, with nuclear-tipped missiles, get them close to the US coast, and then set 'em off. EMP the whole east coast. We would then, of course, turn Iran into something approximating a parking lot. They have to know this...don't they?

If I thought Newt was even mostly serious about returning us to the gold standard, I would be eager to vote for him. Unfortunately, I don't have anything like that kind of optimism.

However: if he were to become President and actually do it, then I would become the most fervent Newt Gingrich supporter you ever saw.

"To be clear," says Drew M, the poster of this piece, "I support Newt. Yes, I'm fully aware of his many, many, many faults. In an ideal world the thought of him being the nominee would be laughable but it's not an ideal world. It's a world in which the other choice is Mitt Romney."

Yeah. That's definitely Hob's Choice, there.

* * *

Anyway, I watched the playlist since Yawara! eps 76 and 77 finished downloading in a flash. The anime was good and entertaining.

One ep left of Usagi Drop and that sucks.

* * *

I played a little WoW today. Emerald got two levels, though to be fair she was pretty close to lvl 36 when I started playing. Now she's over 37, and I'll probably play more once I get home from doing the grocery shopping that I've put off for far too long.


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