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#3174: If nothing else works, fix the part

Well, after the prior post, I pulled the system apart and I think that now I've finally got it fixed the right way. I think. I hope.

The front fan is humming very quietly right now; I can hear it but it's no longer like sitting next to an industrial vacuum cleaner. It's plugged into the correct socket, it's stuck down with RTV again, and I do not expect to mess with this again.

During my fiddling I discovered that if I held the plug a certain way, the fan ran at a slower speed; let it go and it cranked right up to full speed. That means connection problem and I shut it down again to check it out.

What I did was to pull each pin out of the connector. Typically multipin connectors like this get pins crimped or soldered to the wires, one by one, and then the pins are inserted into the plastic plug. This is much easier to automate and a lot cheaper in other ways.

The pins, removed from the plastic housing, approximate @ in shape, or maybe a P shape. The leg of the P is where the wire is attached, and the loop of the P is what actually presses against the pin that the plug connects to.

So what I did was to pull each pin from its housing, spread out the loop a bit, and then reinsert the pin.

Plugged it in, turned it on, and after the BIOS finished with fan detection it settled down to a nice 800 RPM run speed (according to the BIOS hardware monitor screen, anyway). THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE WORKING. Finally.

* * *

Limbaugh just played Newt Gingrich's performance at the debate last night.

The news media is spinning Newt's response to the first question as an "attack", of course, while completely ignoring the fact that the first question was a similar attack.

It was about his ex-wife; and the question was something like "Do you want to comment on this?"

Newt's response--which elicited a standing ovation--was an insolent, "No."

I honestly wish that more Republicans would answer asinine questions like that in that fashion. You know? Okay, it's not going to change how the media do things and it's not going to chastise any of those closet Democrats--but I'd have a lot better an opinion of the GOP frontrunners if they would just HAVE A FUCKING SPINE.

Newt showed spine last night. Good for him!

The media understands what will happen if Newt keeps up this kind of politicking: OBAMA WILL LOSE IN A LANDSLIDE. If any Republican shows that much spine, he will demonstrate that he's a more capable leader than Obama, and that's it for their hopes of advancing the communist agenda.

* * *

While we're on the topic of things I heard on the radio:

Don't Move Firewood! the hell do you burn it if you don't move it? Oh: they mean don't bring your own firewood into campgrounds and wilderness areas.

Problem: WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU BURN? You're not allowed to cut firewood. Some places don't even allow the harvesting of fallen deadwood. So what do you do?

Buy it local to the camp site, of course, because it's impossible to neutralize this dire threat to the world as we know it!
If I burn all of my wood completely, is it OK to bring it from far away?
While this might seem reasonable. the answer is still that you should not be moving firewood. There are simply too many unknowns. What if a little chip of bark falls unnoticed onto the forest floor- and that chip contains invasive insect larvae? Or what if there is a sudden rainstorm, washing fungus spores off the wood, out of the back of your pickup, and into the grass? Even if you intend to burn all the wood completely, you still need to make sure it is local wood. The risks are simply too big.

(Notice the bit about "out the back of your pickup". Only those hicks and hayseeds that drive pickups are stupid enough to MOVE WOOD.)

But what if you moved firewood? IT'S TIME TO PANIC!
Oh no- too late! I already moved firewood! How can I dispose of it properly?
There is only one thing you can possibly do: STERLIZE THE CAMPSITE!
The best option is to burn it quickly and completely. A bonfire is best, while slower methods (like making sure it all ends up in the wood stove ASAP) are also OK. Make sure to also rake up any dropped leaves, bark, twigs or other debris and burn them as well.

So it's fine to burn the stuff if you've already brought it with you, but you shouldn't bring it with you because it's impossible for you to be sure that you can burn it without IRRETRIEVABLY CONTAMINATING THE WORLD.

So which is it? Can you burn the stuff, or not? If you deliberately bring it with you why can't you simply take the precautions they advocate in the event of an accidental movement of wood? What's the difference?

Not to mention the fact that the "local place" you're buying wood from probably gets its wood shipped in from someplace four states away anyhow.


I really hate hippies. You know?

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