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#3175: Bleah

Yesterday afternoon, while it was snowing, I took the Jeep down to the end of Douglas Lane so I could take a walk on the bike path through the woods.

From that end of the path to Richton Road is a bit more than a mile. I didn't see another person and the only other creature I saw was a squirrel. I could see where wildlife had used the path and then veered off into the woods; I expect that deer use that path a lot more than is obvious when you're taking a stroll in summer.

After that I repaired to the bunker and played Katawa Shoujo until dinnertime. I kept thinking I'd get past Act 1 and then go to bed, but then I realized I was hungry and wanted Chinese.

The roads had about 4 inches of snow on them and hadn't been plowed. The Jeep didn't mind. I was tailgated by some morons, and passed by a couple of other morons, because I was only going 25 MPH. In 4 inches of snow. Yeah.

Look: my Jeep is awesome, but it's still subject to the laws of physics--and when you find yourself skidding out of control and on a collision course, you're done. Best thing to do is to slow down so your chances of that happening are lessened.

I wasn't going any slower than most anyone else was. It's just that those people were morons: "I've got four-wheel drive, and so do you! You should be going faster because I'm in a hurry!" (Actually I'm not sure about one of the idiots who passed me. It was a minivan, though there are plenty of minivans with AWD out there.)

The tailgater I really don't get is the moron in the PT Cruiser. I was behind about 8 other vehicles on a 2-lane road with no room for passing (and no business passing in that slop even if I could) yet this retard was hanging off my rear bumper like a pair of truck nuts. But he seemed to get a clue after about half a mile and backed off without me doing anything.

Apparently people see "Jeep" and think "invulnerable to bad weather", and so cannot understand why I'm not zipping along above the speed limit. *sigh*

* * *

Obama makes it even harder for the US to achieve anything approximating energy independence. Besides, it's that evil evil nasty dangerous noooookes and we can't use those because they're evil nasty dangerous. Yeah.

* * *

Vox Day discusses one of the biggest corporate dick moves in history. Short form: if you use Apple's iBooks Author program, you don't own the file. Apple does.

Here are your options for publishing a work produced with iBooks Author:
1) Submit to Apple for distribution. Apple can refuse to distribute it, though, and if it does you may not sell your work via other channels.

2) Give it away for free.

3) Suck it.

4) Use a program that's not produced by a company that's run by asinine totalitarian pricks.
Software is a tool. The person using the tool determines the quality of the output; for example a skilled machininst can make all kinds of useful things with a lathe while all a thumb-fingered dolt could do is turn big pieces of metal into small ones.

This BS from Apple is like the lathe manufacturer claiming patent rights on anything made with their lathes.

So there is yet another reason to avoid Apple products like the plague.

* * *

Anyway, after Chinese food for dinner and a lot more Katawa Shoujo I finally got to a good save spot, shut down, and went to bed. It was close to 1 AM, and I had trouble falling asleep; but when I did, to my surprise I actually slept for a solid 7 hours at least. I guess that walk in the woods did me more good than I thought it had.

...I noticed that my legs felt stiff and a little sore last night, but not terribly so, and they don't feel nearly as bad this morning as they did last night. Being able to walk two miles in four inches of snow and end up with only very minor aches is very encouraging: I'm in better condition than I thought I was, considering that I've gotten approximately zero exercise for months.

While I was eating my breakfast and doing blog prep there was a knock on the door--a guy offering to clear the driveway for money--but I was eating breakfast in order to fuel myself up for blowing it down myself, so I demurred.

I was a bit annoyed at the interruption, but I don't blame the guy. Look: that's how you make money, right? Can't fault that.

I should be so industrious. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, I think we got more than the projected maximum of 6". Looks closer to 8 or maybe even 12. Dang. The forecast says "rain" in a couple of days, so it won't last long. I don't really care one way or the other.

* * *

No choir in church tomorrow. I'm contemplating staying home. We'll see how I feel.

* * *

And sometime relatively soon I've got to take that heat sink back to CompUSA.

Every time I go there, I wander down the aisle of motherboards and ponder. I doubt any would fit the Gateway case, so I'd end up building a whole new system. Even if I swapped the hard drives over I'd still have to get motherboard, CPU, case, power supply, and memory. The sale paper I picked up on my way out the door advertised a Core i5 for $215-ish; a decent case would run perhaps $100 and the PS another $50. That's already $365; and sitting there on a shelf at the same store was a complete Gateway computer with an i5 processor for $550.

You get into the "might as well" territory pretty quickly with that crap. 'Cause you know that if you really want to take advantage of the new processor, a 64-bit OS is the only way to go, which means another $150 for an OS, and that means more memory, and-and-and.

In other words, rolling your own doesn't save any money these days. If you want to have a custom machine with really cool bling (like transparent side coves and light-up fans and such) then that's the way to go, but you're not going to save any money over the boring box that merely sits under your desk and grinds through bits at the same speed as the enblingenated hyperbox.

I guess if you're really into high-end gaming and overclocking and all that damned tinkering it's another story. I'm not; I just want a machine that lets me do what I want to do with a minimum of fuss.

In any case, the "extremely loud fan" problem I was having seems to have finally been corrected. I hope I don't have to mess around with that again.

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