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#3176: The Hanako Path

Well, it was pretty fair. There were a few things I was disappointed with.

There was only one sex scene, and it was kind of iffy. Hisao felt rotten afterwards because he felt that the way it had gone was not exactly consensual. ("She didn't say 'no' but she didn't say 'yes' either.") It is explained in fairly rapid order that Hanako had actually consented, but not necessarily because she felt like having sex with him at that moment.

That kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. There should have been a second scene under more joyous circumstances. This is actually part of my second disappointment.

There should have been a better denouement to the story. It ended well, but the telling of the story was not entirely finished; I dislike making up my own ending to something which is almost finished.

The pacing of the story was a bit off. The major crisis happened too soon; in a love story the crisis must either precipitate the romance or it must threaten it. This did neither. (I prefer the former way, BTW. But it's harder to do it right that way, which is why most romance stories are of the latter variety.)

But these are really minor complaints. I enjoyed the story even if I was a bit dissatisfied with it, so WTF.

Bonus points for including Miki Miura:

Every time I've seen this scene, I've wanted to know what that girl's story is. Miki is extra-cute in that image; in fact the character design right there reminds me of Lum. (Side note: Encyclopedia Britannica is unlikely to have an entry on Lum. Just sayin'.)

We see her in the "track meet" scene that comes somewhere in the first half of the Emi and Rin paths. She loses to Emi, of course, because Emi is the Bionic Woman. (I think those legblades give her a competitive advantage; instead of having calf muscles which can get tired, her feet are spring-loaded. Hell, they are springs.)

Since 4 Leaf Studios is not going to make any other games (not even a sequel or expansion pack for this one) I gave up all hope of ever knowing anything about that character...and then right in the middle of the Hanako path she crops up.

So when I had played the Hanako path to its conclusion--getting it right the first time--I went back to my savegames to see what the other choices will lead to. I am hoping it'll lead to a sex scene with Miki even if it means "bad end" for being with Hanako. There is a precedent in this game for that kind of outcome, so it's not impossible.

...I fell asleep right about the time Miki showed up. I woke up long enough to save the game at the choice screen but that's all right; Rome wasn't burned in a day.

When I woke up I wanted the last of the bean soup; so I've been working on that as I typed this. When I'm done, I'm going to make a pan of apple crisp, then play WoW.

Once I'm done exploring all the branches of the Hanako path, only then will I let myself do the Lilly path. I have been saving that one for last because I think Lilly is my favorite out of all the girls you can get in this game. She kind of reminds me of Maria from Hayate no Gotoku except that she's an ordinary person rather than some kind of supergenius; she's the prettiest girl in the game and her personality is more likable than Shizune's.

...Misha should have been a gettable character, too, even though she's not disabled in any way. (Other than her lack of volume control.)

But now I'm just being greedy. Oh well.

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