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#3177: I lost more brain cells last night

I was in the middle of a lowbie instance (trying to finish some old quests) on Emerald when I learned the toon names used by a "friend" (term used loosely) of Sailor V.

"Trojanman". And "Herpes".


This is a man in his 40s.

He told me that and I coasted to a stop, unable to remember what I was doing or why I was doing it. For a few moments I couldn't remember how to play WoW. THAT IS HOW STUPID AND PEURILE THAT PERSON IS.


* * *

I'm proofing yeast!

...I'm trying to decide whether dinner tonight should be goulash or beef stroganoff. The former requires Ginzo bread and I thought about going to the store for it, but realized I have a bread machine and everything I need to MAKE bread, so I decided I'd give it a go.

The yeast has an expiration date in 2009, though. So I'm sacrificing a packet of the stuff to see how it works on sugar water. If it works well, then I'll go ahead and make my own bread.

If it doesn't, I'll go to the store for Ginzo bread. (Why go to the store for yeast? I only need the yeast so I don't have to go to the store to buy bread. And the bread I want to buy doesn't have anything in it except flour, yeast, salt, and water.) (But I might buy some yeast to make bread anyway.)

* * *

The Greek debt talks are just fine even though the respresentatives of the private creditors left the table. Okay, whatevs.

* * *

Gingrich 2012:

Karl Denninger talks about how the media attempts to take Newt down (so that Obama will face someone he has a prayer of beating) backfired on them.

The whole thing with his ex-wife wasn't supposed to crop up this week; they were saving that for next week--but that mean old Drudge just had to report it! So it got bumped to this week, and the guy who was supposed to hang the mouse on Gingrich instead got one hung on his own damned self when Gingrich told him (politely) to stuff it.

Damage control: the mainstream media carefully did not report the standing ovation Newt got. Ms. Scalia continues,
And last night, John King asked a question about Newt Gingrich’s past marriage issues — this is a big gun that’s supposed to do serious damage — and the thing backfired on them; it blew up in their hands as the audience “became uniform” in expressing its disgust not for the tawdry politician, but for the press that has become so nakedly overt in its bias, and so selective in what it finds newsworthy and what it does not.
I really do hope she's right.

I know that Limbaugh is right--the press is not going to be chastened or chagrined by this--but I do hope that the people have come to realize that the press is not unbiased and frequently fails to tell the truth, much less all of it.

It would be very, very nice if the chickens of 2008 came home to roost this year. The media insisted on prostituting itself to the Obama campaign, and then to the Obama administration; hopefully people are smart enough to realize this.

Not that it'll make a damned bit of difference who wins the GOP primaries. Gingrich is better than Romney only by degree, and Romney is no better than Obama. Vox Day likes to refer to the combined Republican and Democrat parties as "the Bank Party" and I am having a very hard time finding a way to argue the point. In fact, most (if not all) of my arguments against that point are reflexive.

And no, I do not expect that Ron Paul would be any better were he to get the nod. Even if he moderated his extreme positions on some things the "Bank Party" control of Congress would keep him from getting any of his good ideas implemented, such as deficit control et alii.

Short of the financial collapse--which, as of now, is all but inevitable--I do not see how we can get out of this socialist/ponzi mode that we're in. No politician can end government welfare without losing his office, permanently (he'd be lucky to keep his life) and even if there were any who were so inclined they'd be in the bare minority compared to all the politicians who love the power that comes from holding the purse strings.

So we're pretty much stuck with this situation. It's not going to be fun.

* * *

As for me, I've been flopping around too much. I need to do more.

I finally cleaned the sink this morning after breakfast. I didn't go to church--I slept through it--but that's the first time I've missed a service since, like, October. The sink was a mess, being full of dirty dishes, so I clearly need to get back into the habit of rinsing off my dishes and putting them in the dishwasher as I use them, and then emptying the dishwasher after I've run it.

Problem is, of late the hypoglycemia has been cropping up entirely too much. Last night when I had that last bowl of soup, I was fine until about 10 PM--at which point the shakes and sweats and mild confusion started up. I was actually in bed; I had to get up, get dressed, and hit Culver's for a burger to stop it.

I really hate my metabolism. I didn't have any sugar and I didn't do anything strenuous, so why the hypoglycemia? I ate a bowl of soup with a chunk of bread, and then went to bed; WTF?

Same thing this morning, I might add: got up and made my usual breakfast, and after doing the sink I feel crummy again. I f-ing hate this.

* * *

Looks like this yeast isn't very good. Or else the water wasn't warm enough. Well, seeing as it's two years beyond its stale date, I'd wager it's the former.

Guess I'd better hit the store for bread.

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