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#3181: So now it's Monday again, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Thanks to the Internet I was able to find a way to port Chicory to PDF without having to do a lot of paste-up in Word.

There's this program called ImageMagick which is apparently run entirely from the command line, and it lets you do some really wild stuff.

"convert *.jpg -density 300x300 -compress jpeg [filename].pdf" will take all the JPGs in a specific directory and glom them into a single PDF. This'll work with nearly any image format, too.

...I found this by doing a Google search. I have no freakin' clue how to use ImageMagick and only downloaded the program because I saw the instructions. I expected it not to work, but it worked fine.

And I can read Chicory on my Kindle.

So I'll be doing this with the other manga that I've drawn, too. That'll be cool. I wonder how the Pretty Cure webcomic would look?

* * *

35 reasons Obama will SHOULD lose in 2012. Nearly all of them have been ignored and/or spun favorably and/or covered up by his willing accomplices in the media. If the media had reported just half of these things the way they reported even good news when Bush was in the White House, Obama would have been impeached, tarred, feathered, and run out of DC on a rail by now.

* * *

I cannot wait to hear why Senator Rand Paul has been detained by TSA. Apparently, "TSA detained [Ron Paul's] son 'for refusing full body pat-down after anomaly in body scanner.'"

The full-body scanner detected an "anomaly" and Sen. Paul offered to go through again. No, all you can do now is SUBMIT! to the TSA gropers!

* * *

The US may hit the new hard limit to the government debt before the elections. I hope it does! The assholes in the Bank Party played politics with the issue rather than do anything to rein in spending; they for damn sure ought to have to deal with this shit right before the elections.

Not that it matters. Even if they did something worthwhile they could just undo it as soon as the swearing-in ceremonies were done.

That's why we need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution....

* * *


Democrats want to bring back price controls on energy. Because that worked so well in the 1970s, remember that? The long lines at the gas stations, the rationing? That was AWESOME!

The law imposes a tax--up to 100%, which is essentially total confiscation--on "unreasonable profits" but naturally does not specify what is "reasonable". Oh no; it leaves that decision up to a cadre of unelected bureaucrats.

"It's just to keep oil companies from gouging the consumer!" Yeah: it's price control. That's what it is, and no matter how you try to hide it, that's all it is. And price controls always increase scarcity because they limit the incentive to produce.


Eventually, robots will build homes. I'd call it a "robot" rather than "huge f-ing printer" because all a printer really is, is a robot that writes stuff and draws pictures.

Of course you'll still need people to make the interior of such a home livable, but it's a damn nifty idea nonetheless.


From the site of that last link I found a practical way to make nuclear-powered cars. Theoretically.

The power source works--something called a "thorium laser"--and the only real problem is getting "nuclear power!" enough acceptance that people will feel safe on the highway surrounded by nuclear accelerators.

...300 HP, runs 300,000 miles on 8g of fuel, and emits no pollution. WHERE THE FUCK DO I GET ONE???!


Hooray! Gun control is working! Chicago actually went 24 hours without anyone killing or shooting anyone else. Wednesday the 18th was the first day in a year that Chicago went without a homicide.

Funny how those days seem only to happen in WINTER....

* * *

The weather is shitty. It rained last night--thunderstorms!--and today it's murky and windy and crummy outside. Temps are supposed to drop while it's drizzling and I don't expect this means anything good for the roads.

I've got leftover goulash and plenty of apple crisp. Screw going anywhere.

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