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#3185: "Psychics" find alien wreck on Moon

Might as well start off with nonsense today. I need to start somewhere.

"Remote viewers" say they found the wreckage of an alien spacecraft on the moon.

This is a crackpot 3-fer:

1) NASA covering up evidence of aliens
2) Self-professed psychics "sensing" something, which relates to
3) Extraterrestrials

If only there were a way to work Elvis into this.

* * *

I don't find this even remotely surprising. There were times when Mom was watching Wheel of Fortune that I thought, "Damn, Sajak is acting like he's been drinking."

C'mon: wouldn't you get drunk, at least once in a while, if you had to get up and do that banal crap over and over and over again? Even if it does pay a fuckton of money?

* * *

I know what Dracphelan means. Here at the bunker, the riding mower is stored in a half-height shedlet made by Rubbermaid. Anything larger has to be put on a concrete foundation.

The local code is a bit more relaxed than his is, in that (I think) as long as the shed looks nice it can be made of whatever--but it has to look nice, and not like something you cobbled together out of scrap railroad ties and stolen traffic signs. The one he pictured would be great here--as long as it sat on a concrete slab.

Like him, I want to (sooner or later) get a place out in the boonies. My shed will be a Conex box on a slab, and it'll be big enough to double as a garage for the Fiero until I can get a real garage built.

* * *

Evidence offered in court demonstrates Obama is not eligible to be President. This is a civil suit so the standard of evidence is not as high as it would be in a criminal case.

I still don't know what to think about this. But Obama should not be allowed to be President if he is not, in fact, eligible for the office.

* * *

Graumagus continues to make cheese. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at making my own mozzarella, but I have enough BS to worry about without making cheese.

* * *

"We know the Earth is warming even if we can't account for where the energy is being stored." It's not being stored in the oceans (either surface or deep) but maybe it's because we're measuring that differently now. Yeah, that's it! We changed how we measure things, and that accounts for the difference!

That's why the oceans aren't warming when any reasonable model (that takes into account THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS) says they should be! The heat's there! WE JUST CAN'T SEE IT!

Great, now we've got "dark global warming" to go along with dark matter and dark energy.

* * *

Ah, the glorious workers' paradise of China! Don't you envy the Chinese?

No. Anyone who thinks China is the way things ought to be either doesn't know squat about totalitarian systems, or else thinks he'd be one of the elites and not one of the slaves.

It makes me feel a bit guilty that El-Hazard has a Foxconn motherboard in it. Sure it was $40, but how much of that low price was due to sheer human misery?

No more Foxconn products for me. That includes Apple's stuff.

* * *


Worry no more on Greece, but turn your eyes to Portugal.


WW2 did not pull us out of the Depression.


Department of Education omits data on blacks from an analysis of post-educational employment by race. In other words, they simply didn't include data on blacks in a study of racial differences in post-ed employment.


Other key studies which used this technique:
Stellar Life Cycles (omitted G through K class stars)

Sexual Practices of the Mdungo Tribe (omitted heterosexuals)

Key design parameters for rotorcraft (omitted helicopters)

Things that float (omitted wood)
I can come up with a bunch more, all of which would only point up the stupidity of omitting the largest minority bloc from a race study.

Only government. Only government could be this stupid.


Newt's Moon plan.

Do I want us to return to the Moon? Do I! Do I think the US has the money to do it? No!

Considering the fact that the US has a national debt exceeding its annual GDP, I don't think it has the money to spend on stuff like that right now.

The best thing the US could do to advance the cause of space exploration right now is simply get out of the way of the private sector.

Gingrich's ideas (presented incompletely here) include offering prizes for certain accomplishments. That is the best way to achieve things in space travel and exploration; there is simply no better way of doing it.

Having a government agency do it is not.

NASA's annual budget is about $20 billion. If the federal government were to offer various prizes without specifying anything other than conditions required for winning them, it could--for example--get a privately-owned moonbase established for $1 billion.

$1 billion once. Not $1 billion stretched out over 10 years, not $1 billion per year; $1 billion dollars paid one time...and the ice would be broken: there'd be a permanent manned base on the Moon and a bunch of other people and places would be trying their damnedest to do the same.

C'mon guys; I'd like to visit the Moon some day myself. There's still time. Let's get cracking, okay?

* * *

Well: we've hit Thursday again. Honestly, I don't know where the time goes. It's going to be quite bewildering to me once I'm employed again (whenever the hell that happens) how I'll manage to do anything other than eat, sleep, and work. *sigh* Well, it's doable; I just have to get into a rhythm.

Or something.

* * *

Well, I've been reading my favorite author on my Kindle, and I've concluded that the "end of the story" book is shit.

Well--parts of it are, anyway. The real problem I've got is that I suck at writing evil characters. The antagonist in this story is--well, it's pure evil, and when I read the parts about it, I keep thinking, "early '70s comic book villain."

I attempt to lampshade it a bit by having various characters comment wryly on how stinky its lines are, but that's not enough.

The other problem is one of scale. Look: a band of hobbits goes up against Sauron in Lord of the Rings but we never see Sauron. We see his henchmen, his thugs, his hangers-on. Frodo and Sam don't walk into Sauron's throne room and duke it out with him because Sauron's too powerful; the thugs and hangers-on are more than a match for our heroes.

In my story, I've got Sauron going out and doing Ringwraith stuff. Gollum stuff.

The major difference (other than the fact that I sure as hell ain't no JRR Tolkein) is that in my story the bad guy is nascent: where Sauron has been around for thousands of years, my bad guy is essentially a newborn. It's a long story and one I don't care to relate here, but for a variety of reasons the bad guy has been nonsentient for billions of years and only in the course of this novel does it actually become anything other than an inchoate blob of ill will. So it starts small, even though it has the power to destroy whole worlds.

I guess that's what's wrong: I don't explain that very well, that this thing is essentially an infant with godlike power.

It might be good just to excise the parts which show it doing its thing. Let it be this big evil scary mystery: planets it takes over drop off the interstellar grid, and no word can get in or out--hmm.

* * *

It bears thinking about. Since I'm nowhere near ready to try to publish this one, though, it really doesn't matter.

Speaking of which, I really ought to get after the story that could be sent to a publisher. It needs basic final editing and error correction; otherwise (I am told) it could be shopped around as-is.

My intent is to print it out, get it bound somehow, and then mark it up with a red pen and Post-It tags. Make the needed changes, then start looking up publishers and getting things in order.


Well, no one said it would be easy.

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