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#3187: Philly cops "angry" at lawful gun ownership.

"[The police sent to investigate the burglary] were angry with us for even owning firearms and appeared to have very little sympathy for our plight, despite our explanation that the rifles were legal and only for decoration, which they thought was stupid."

Guess what, police? You don't get to be the only ones with guns! Suck it!

* * *

Vox Day: "The police are the problem. Sent to a call for a domestic dispute, a cop goes to the wrong address, kills a dog, and points his gun at the homeowner. "The officer is not facing disciplinary action pending an internal investigation,..."

Of course not. Why would he? I mean, it's not like he went to the wrong house and shot a person; all he did was point a loaded firearm--which he'd just used to shoot a dog--at some guy who lived there. The guy was totally asking for it!

"Even street criminals usually don't shoot dogs. Especially not dogs that are tied up and can't possibly hurt them." Hey! That dog was dangerous, man! It lunged and was, like, barking and shit!

Was its tail wagging, asshat?


Fire his ass. Now. Especially for that "I'll blow your brains out" bullshit.

* * *

Oh, come on, Newt! Rubio's not eligible to be VP because he's not eligible to be President.

I have not forgotten my promise not to vote for any ticket that included Rubio.

* * *

No news yet on the Obama eligibility case in Georgia but that link's got some more discussion of the issue.

Obama ignored the case and didn't even send council to represent him after the motion to dismiss was denied. If the Georgia case goes against him--as seems likely--then Georgia's Secretary of State will have to take that into account when deciding whether or not to allow him on the ballot this November.

If he's not on the Georgia ballot, he has two options:
1) Like it
2) Lump it
It is theoretically possible to win the Presidency without one state's electors, particularly when the state is neither Texas nor California. (Or, to a lesser extent, New York.) But if Obama files suit to have himself placed on the Georgia ballot, the case then must go to the Supreme Court because of this decision.

In the unlikely event that the Supreme Court decided Obama was ineligible--well, that's it; he's out. Biden serves the rest of his term, probably. (The legal challenges to everything Obama's done, however, begin in earnest. "Not qualified to be President" is a mighty big lever for overturning laws he signed.)

I don't know what the Supreme Court could do. If it refused to hear the case, then the Georgia ruling would stand and at least Georgia would not have him on its ballot. Hearing the case and affirming it would open a huge can of worms, as noted above; if it did overturn the Georgia ruling, this would be the path of least resistance, which is why I expect it to be the most likely outcome.

* * *

There is a reason most successful societies tend to have monogamy rather than polygamy as a feature.

Since slightly before the Baby Boom generation came of age there has been a widespread cultural disdain for tradition. Things which worked very well were abandoned without a second thought solely because "that's old-fashioned!"

...yet social "science" continues to discover, to its surprise, that--gee!--all those old traditions and ways of doing things actually worked pretty well.

Corporal punishment of children--oh, you can't spank your kids because they'll be violent! ...only if you don't spank your kids once in a while, for whatever misdeeds they may have committed, they turn out to be unholy terrors.

And then lying, casual lawbreaking, theft, adultery, etc, all become more commonplace.

Gee, morality sucks, doesn't it? It's much better when anyone can do whatever he wants!

* * *

Yes, Denninger's idea here is the smartest way for us to supply our energy needs. But if "smart" were a factor, we would have gone entirely nuclear in the 1950s and would now have so much electricity available to us that it would be too cheap to meter. We'd have the widespread adoption of electric cars and our fossil fuel use would be a bare fraction of what it is now.

...but unfortunately we never do things the smart way, as a species.

* * *

Unemployment under Obama is going up, but it's a good thing because it's rising slower than it was.

Oh, well then. Good news! The rate of increase has slowed! We're in an economic recovery! Everything is fine!

* * *

The anime playlist is down to 5 titles. Usagi Drop is over, and I miss it terribly already. Well, Yawara! eps 78 and 79 dropped last night, and I ganked them, so the next couple of times I watch anime there'll be 6 eps on the playlist; but since Y! is irregular in its release schedule, I don't count it as part of my regular playlist.

But it could be worse. After all, I had to wait a decade to see anything beyond ep 40 of that series. It's been, what, 13 years since I started watching Yawara!? Has it been that long? I got to about ep 36 when AnimEigo announced it had gotten hold of the rights; a couple more eps trickled out thereafter when it became obvious that they had not, after all, actually gotten the actual distro rights for the US but in fact had an option to get the rights...but it still put a lid on further releases.

Then Frostii and Live-eviL started fansubbing it, and I got a few more episodes--through ep 42 or so if I am recalling correctly--before AnimEigo said, "Hey, we've got the rights now, and we're actually gonna do it! soon as we get enough pre-orders." More years passed. Eventually my official AnimEigo copy of the first 40 eps of Y! arrived.

Then AnimEigo said, "Yeah, we're not going to be able to do any more of those. Sorry."

More years passed.

Eventually the fansubbers began working on it again, but slowly. I think it's likely now that I won't actually be in the nursing home before the Y! TV series is finished fansubbing, but I might be a "retired" greeter at Wal-Mart or something. "I'm 70 and all I can do is say 'hello' to shoppers," a noted otaku said, "but I finally got to see the last episode of Yawara!"

* * *

Annoyance: I just had to put the patio table in the trash can. Something smashed the shit out of it.

...considering where it was on the patio, though, I believe it was falling ice that did it. It was in a spot where a big, big icicle always forms after snowfall, and this last 8+ dump-o-thon we had was no exception. I saw it several times, thinking, "Yep, there's that big icicle again," and didn't even think about what it might fall on when it separated itself from the gutter.

(Side note: Mom had those "leaf-guard" gutters installed in 2008 or 2009, and while they do a bang-up job of keeping leaves out, we seem to get a hell of a lot of icicles--more than we ever had with the older kind.)

Well: the table was in the way, and as it was plastic--which gets brittle when cold--the sudden shock of having several pounds of ice land on it after falling twelve feet was obviously too much for it. So I may need to buy a new patio table come spring.

* * *

The way the past few days have been, I haven't gotten any farther on finishing the Lilly path of Katawa Shoujo. I've got to do this on-line evaluation thing for Comcast before I'll let myself do anything fun today, though, so after that is finished I'll see what's what.

Also, the end of Act 3 in the Lilly path is just plain nice. I like how it ends; and knowing what I know about telling stories says there has to be some kind of conflict/angst/misery cropping up pretty quickly in Act 4. Knowing that, I'm reluctant to continue.

Oh well.

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