atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3189: Well, that was tense, but at least it ended right.

After doing the Comcast thingy and getting dinner (beef with pea pods) I sat down to finish the Lilly arc. It took long enough, but I finished it.

It ended well. I was afraid they were going to pull off some rotten-ass thing but my optimism kept me watching, and my optimism was rewarded. So that's good.

I watched the credits all the way through and saw an additional bit after them, which further cemented the deal.

...and at one point I found myself saying, "I see the ending!" like what's-his-face in The World Only God Knows. (I was wrong about the particulars but not the ending itself.)

* * *

During this time, the cat was feeling frisky and started doing her usual thing where she jumps onto my desk chair, then runs out of the room, then runs back in; she usually scales the chair at mach 9, then jumps down onto the bed before running across it and disappearing behind it...only to reappear and reverse her path, again at mach 9.

Well, this time, she screwed up. Instead of hitting the back of the chair, her butt half went right off the side of it and onto the desk.

All I did was laugh.

It surprises me that this cat doesn't injure herself when she screws up like that. She is so athletic that it's not uncommon for her to run at top speed towards the sofa, then actually flip up so that her feet contact the sofa, perpendicular to the ground; and she uses this brief contact to change her trajectory, usually making a 90° turn in the process.

Of course, sometimes she screws up. And I invariably laugh at her, because of the sheepish way she then collects herself and walks away, as if saying, "I totally meant to do that."

I don't buy it; and she knows it. Heh.

* * *

Anyway, I've got 96% of Katawa Shoujo unlocked now. A few choices here and there to go back and try; but I don't need to do it now and probably won't worry about it for a little while at least.

* * *

Well: after about a week of computing I'm ready to call my machine's noisy fan issue fixed. I can hear the front fan running when I'm using the machine, but only barely. It makes more noise when it spools up to cool things off, but it's not running at full blast all the damned time like it was; and the rear fan ramps up at the same time.

This is good.

I think the slot fan I put in is helping, too, to be honest. I don't care; at least it's no longer as if I'm trying to play WoW or write next to a car wash vacuum cleaner.

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