atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3191: I'd hoped never to have to do this again

Sitting here with one finger in a glass of water. YES it's still attached. I wish I could temporarily disconnect it, tho.

Saw a good-sounding recipe on a can of beef stock. Step one: cook 6 slices of bacon.

2: dredge a couple pounds of beef, cubed, in flour, and brown it in the bacon grease.

Then simmer beef in a cup of burgundy and the can of broth, with the bacon from step 1, onion, carrot, and asst. spices. V-E-R-Y careful when you go to put the beef in the bacon grease, because that much bacon grease WILL splash.

Which I found out the hard way.

Your reflexes are not fast enough to help. By the time your hand is moving--not incidentally flinging beef cubes all over the goddamned kitchen--you are already injured. And then you will have to finish the rest of the job with one hand, taking the injured finger out of the cold water for as short a time as possible...because it starts to hurt like all the fires of HELL ITSELF if it's out of the water for more than about 15 seconds.

This is not the first time I've burned myself with bacon grease. The first time was decades ago, and that time it happened because I was trying to cook eggs over easy, and dipped the tip of my right ring finger in the bacon grease as I was laying the raw egg in the pan.

This time, it's the left ring finger. It scalded a patch of skin 1/4" on a side, and it may have involved the nail--not that it needs to be worse than it already appears. The knuckle below the nail sure hurts enough. Shit.

Anyway, so for the time being, I cannot perform any task that requires two hands, which means it's going to be a while before I can make some breakfast. And the apple crisp I was going to make is on hold, as is the loaf of bread I'd intended to make. *sigh*

This stuff I'm making had better be good.

* * *

Short shrift on two Denninger posts:

"Greece Gives Finger To Germany?"

"GDP: Is It What It Appears?"

My comments must wait. If the last time is any guide, this finger will hurt like a motherfucker for a few hours, then subside to a dull ache that I can tolerate.

...though I have to wonder if that viscous lidocaine I got for that epic Pinoy Death Tonsillitis is still any good....

(And then, how much would it hurt as I applied it?)

* * *

Brian Dunbar on Newt's plan for space exploration.

Finger hurts, can't type, etc. *sigh*

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