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#3193: Now it hardly hurts at all, and the food is good.

As expected, the pain has gone away. Once in a while I get a bit of a zing! out of the affected area, but I'm back to being able to type and do whatever else I want to do.

The burgundy beef I made (that's the name of the recipe on the broth can label) tastes pretty good. I don't know that it was worth getting burned for--certainly if step 2 in the recipe was always going to be "get 2nd degree burn from bacon grease" I would never make it again--but it's got great flavor. This recipe is actually meant to be made 100% on the stove, but I--as I'd planned to when I decided to try it--modified it such that it spent most of its time in the crock pot. I just cooked the bacon and browned the meat in a frying pan, and then transferred it to the crock pot.

I served it over a bed of egg linquini, but next time I make it I think I'll dump in a can of potatos instead. This would probably make a pretty good stew recipe if one were to remove all the stuff and thicken the broth.

* * *

I did not sleep well last night. I might have gotten as much as 1.5 hours. So once my finger stopped hurting (thanks, viscous lidocaine!) I was able to get a couple more hours of sleep.

* * *

I read the entirety of the Usagi Drop manga yesterday on The story threw me for a loop when, at the beginning of a new chapter, it essentially said, "TEN YEARS LATER...." it moved ahead ten years: Daikichi was now 40, Rin and Kouki were now 16, etcetera. I was disappointed with the way several elements of the story were resolved.

Oh well.

* * *

Shamelessly stolen from elsewhere:

You know, while I'm at it, here's an image which has been lurking on my hard drive for quite some time, unused:

This is ostensibly a real image of a real sign somewhere in Asia. "I want that man charged with impersonatin' a cracker!"

Doctor Detroit.

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