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#3198: "Rule of law" applies to Presidents too

Lawyers are urging the judge in Obama's eligibility case in Georgia to cite the President with contempt of court.

Faced with a subpoena to appear, Obama and his lawyers simply refused further participation in the case. If you or I did that, there'd be a warrant sworn out for our arrests.

You can't just arrest a sitting President, but there are other things you can do; and if I were the judge on that case I would summarily find against the President and strike his name from the Georgia ballot.

* * *

The endgame of modern mores and the sexual revolution. A return to traditional values is the only way to offset this kind of situation.

Japan's culture is problematic because the replacement of traditional values with modern ones resulted in an extremely shallow culture. Young women don't want to get married and have babies; they want to take trips and vacations and enjoy going out to drink and having expensive designer clothes.

Young men are largely the same; they want to spend their hard-earned money on techotoys and durable goods rather than blow it on expensive dates with women.

There's an old OL Shinkaron strip which shows a newlywed couple planning their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. He's never left Japan before while she knows all about international travel; and the third panel shows her totaling up what she's spent on trips in the past few years versus what he's spent on courting her...and realizing that all his disposable income went into their relationship.

That works out fairly well for everyone in a society where the commitment to marriage is strong and people don't get divorced unless something is seriously wrong; but in a society where no one thinks much of a couple divorcing because someone got bored--or some other banal reason--it fails miserably. There's no incentive for a man to go to all that trouble to win a woman if there's nothing protecting his investment of time and money; and there's no point to getting married if neither of you intends to honor the commitment past the first inconvenience.

* * *

Just as a side note: realistic sexbots means the end of any society, because if you can get perfectly realistic sex out of a machine why would you ever bother with people? We're not even to that stage yet and Japan's already in trouble. Give it a few years.

* * *

YouTube page with the "Star Wars Uncut" fan-sourced Star Wars. It's just over two hours long, so I haven't even begun to look at it yet.

* * *

And no day would be complete without DOOM!


But the Age of Obama was supposed to be post-racial! Apparently that was a lie. This page has like 3 or 4 pop-ups so I'm going to post this image here:

This is radio host Thaddeus Matthews going apeshit over a black Republican woman's refusal to step on a rhetorical landmine and then launching
...into a 16-minute argument filled with curse words and accusations that added up to her being too close to whites and not really having the interest of the black community in mind. Eventually, Bergmann bowed out of the conversation, and that’s when Matthews really let her have it--not only did he accuse her of being a "token negro" for whites, but he also slipped in references about Martin Luther King and even refused to shake her hand because he was afraid her "whiteness" would rub off on him.
But of course it's impossible for blacks to be racist because they're oppressed, right?

C'mon: imagine what would happen to any white radio host that refused to shake hands with a black person because he was afraid the "blackness" would rub off on him. He'd be fired before the next commercial break.

But seeing that image, all I can do is laugh, because Thaddeus Matthews--in the midst of going apeshit--looks just like one of those old racist drawings of black people.

Clearly there are plenty of black Republicans, though, and someone said this:
Despite the efforts of the Democrat Party to defeat the Voting Rights Act of 1965, today they openly brag about protecting the rights of all people to vote for the candidate of their choice. However, it’s also quite clear that blacks are the only people in America who are publicly ridiculed should they not vote for candidates Democrats so authorize.
Nothing makes the liberals more angry than when someone thinks for himself. Especially when that person comes from a demographic that the left considers to be wholly owned by the Democrat party.

* * *

I make no bones about the fact that I think tattoos are stupid.

Look: if you want to permanently etch some image on your skin you're more than welcome to do it. I'm not about to tell anyone they can't, and the last thing I'd try to do is outlaw tattoos.

People have a right to be stupid.

But this image is very neatly in line with my own attitudes about tattoos:


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