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#3200: This is the first time I've gone to McDonald's this year.

Culver's is good, but not cheap. McDonald's is cheap and...less than good for most things. I decided I wanted "cheap" rather than "good", so I hit McDonald's. Only now did I realize this is the first time I've had McDonald's food since 2011.

The only upside other than "cheap" is that I can eat their french fries without ketchup. And come to think of it that may be a bug rather than a feature, since thick fries (like Wendy's and Culver's) are invariably more satisfying to me.

Ah, no one cares.

* * *

Arse Technica still has said nothing about CRU saying "no global warming since 1997". Nothing, because they hitched their wagon to "human carbon emissions are causing global warming! The science is settled!" only it turned out not to be quite as "settled" as they insisted it was.

This gets funnier every day. Still waiting for them to denounce the CRU as "deniers" or come up with some other flimsy-ass excuse for why they weren't wrong when they told people like me that we were anti-science and flat-earthers and-and-and because we thought global warming wasn't man-made.

* * *

At McDonald's I was behind a UAW union baby in line.

How did I know? Well, for one thing, the license plate frame that proclaimed his membership in the UAW and exhorted us to "buy American", but the thing I noticed first was the "Friends don't let friends drive Toyota" with the first "O" in "Toyota" replaced with a sad face.

UAW is still mad at Toyota for closing the NUMMI plant in California. You know, the one plant that Toyota had that was unionized, and they only had it because it was a joint venture with GM and had to be unionized...only then GM went tits-up and began closing plants it didn't need, and pulled out of NUMMI. Toyota didn't need NUMMI either, so they closed it...and UAW threw a shit fit because they couldn't even call for strikes at other Toyota plants--Toyota isn't union and every time the UAW tries to organize their plants the votes fail.

That kind of nonsense almost makes me want to get a Toyota. (Not a Prius, though. And not anything that has a "Toyota Racing Development" sticker on it, because when I see that big "TRD" on something I can't help but read it as--you guessed it--"TURD". Which, considering how the driver usually operates the thing, seems to indicate what his brains are made of.)

* * *

You know a Democrat politician is in trouble when he starts making positive references to Jesus. (I give Boss Tweek the benefit of the doubt here. He said that he went to Jeremiah Wright's church services for 20 years but "didn't listen", so he probably knows Jesus about as well as he knows supply-side economics.)

I'm almost surprised that Obama didn't also trot out the quote where Jesus says, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," except that it would have the wrong connotation and Obama is trying to avoid having people notice how imperial his Presidency has been.

Jesus wasn't big on the strong taking from the weak, yet that's what taxation is: government using the threat of force to extract money from its populace.

But I'm not outraged by Obama's clumsy attempts at cloaking himself in a mantle of Christianity, even though it's a transparent attempt to garner votes. And I'm not even outraged by the guy who made the stupid "bitter clingers" comment (about people bitterly clinging to guns and religion) hypocritically making an appeal to religion. "Outraged"? I'm not even surprised.

At this point the only emotion I can summon at this kind of stupidity is an eyeroll of contempt. President Tool is a moron.

* * *

Iran is trouble, folks, and I've been saying it and saying it.

They've got enough U-235 to make four bombs. Let's see: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, New York, Washington, D.C.--how's that grab you? Maybe retarget one of the TA bombs to EMP the eastern seaboard, just to make sure.

Think they won't if we let them get that far? I wish I shared your optimism. But:
"In light of the realization of the divine promise by almighty God, the Zionists and the Great Satan [America] will soon be defeated," Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, is warning.
It's not just saber rattling when the assholes have nuclear bombs. These dickheads have only been calling us "the Great Satan" for thirty-three years; now they're within a stone's throw of having The Bomb and we're still acting like they're a bunch of camel-humping goat herders who can barely operate a can opener.

It's going to make a hash out of our economy when every computer within seven hundred miles of the Washington Monument is converted to a doorstop by an EMP burst.

(If they are smart, that's what they'll do. They won't focus on destroying a city; they'll EMP the eastern seaboard, like I said above, and thoroughly cripple our economy. That would hurt us a lot more than losing a single city.)

* * *

Karl Denninger picks apart the latest employment report. Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%! We're saved!

Nope. Obama's chances of reelection are saved, but unemployment is worse. Denninger's title says it all: "Employment Report: Blatant And Outrageous Lies".

The issue here is participation rate--that is to say, the percentage of the available labor force which is actually either employed or trying to be employed.
That's 0.6% of the entire labor force that departed the working population in one month, three times the alleged drop in the unemployment rate. This means that internally, the numbers were even worse than they first appear!
Emphasis his.

1.572 million people left the workforce last month, compared to 243,000 being hired. Because 1.572 people left the workforce, the number looks a hell of a lot better than it actually is.

...but unemployment is, in fact, worse than ever.

As I have been saying, though, unemployment will be below 8% well before November. Regardless of reality.

Because Obama needs it.

* * *

Also from Denninger, someone's dropping a train on MERS. "MERS" refers to the Mortgage Electronic Registry System, something which was a strong enabler of the fraudclosure problem that faces the housing and mortgage markets.

* * *

Last night I finished reading all of the extant Hayate no Gotoku. 351 chapters, less a couple in the middle somewhere which weren't translated; and it's still being produced--but now I've caught up to where the current releases are, so I've now got to wait for each month's chapter. *sigh*

I've been nibbling away at it here and there for weeks.

* * *

Also, last night I updated my stack of Fairy Tail. I had through ep 110 on the hard drive, and over at Tokyo Toshokan they had five more eps, so I ganked them. Since I just watched ep 106 last night, I'm good for a little while longer.

My anime viewing has been averaging about two sessions per week, which isn't too bad. Yawara! is up to ep 79 (and still no Fujiko/Hanazono hookup) and I'm just about done with Moshidora and the first season of World Only God Knows.

Not sure what'll be next; I'll decide that later.

* * *

I've been reading Teddy Roosevelt's Hunting the Grisly and Others (or whatever the title is) and it's an interesting read. He starts by talking about hunting buffalo, and then moves into discussing other American game animals.

This afternoon on my way back from McDonald's I saw four deer eating corn stubble. They're awfully brave now that hunting season is over--how do they know?--and these looked like good healthy animals. ("Healthy" meaning "tasty!!!".)

Oh well.

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