atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3204: A week later, STILL no mention of CRU saying "No global warming since 1997!"

At Arse Technica, I mean.

They do have this bit about the Little Ice Age being caused by vulcanism and not the Maunder Minimum. It can't be solar variability! No no no! Because if Earth's climate varies due to solar cycles, it means that there's no way to pin "climate change" on human activity!

Sorry, guys. The Maunder Minimum was it, not "well-timed volcanoes". Might as well get used to it.

Interesting bit: the article says, "Summer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere have been on a slow decline for the last 8,000 years...." Eh? How can that be? Because global temperatures have been rising since the Industrial Revolution, how can you say they've been declining for 8,000 years when you guys said they've been rising since the mid-18th century?

If I didn't know better I'd say that Arse Technica is trying to sweep their "global warming is happening now, it's man made, and the science is settled!" stance under the rug....

* * *

Wonderduck reviews Katawa Shoujo.

With a link to the original artwork.

* * *

I've been playing WoW since 12:30 AM. Because of this fact, I'm not going to be writing much of a blog post this morning.

Maybe this evening....

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