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#3206: So we're back to "pollution is going to cause another ice age!"

Are we?

Zombie finally got the Naked Gay Santa off his page and has written an article about the NEW CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS! Yeah, we're heading into an ice age now, you see--

...wait. What year is it? 2012? Are you sure? Hang on, let me check the newspaper.

Well, I'll be. Jimmy Carter got himself a pretty serious tan when he visited Three Mile Island, didn't he?

You think I'm joking. We are now officially repeating the late 1970s: high unemployment, economic malaise, a weak and crappy Democrat President in the White House; last year we had a "major nuclear event" (Fukushima) and now the eco-nazis are switching back to "pollution is causing global cooling!"

All we need now is for Iran to commit another act of war against us and we'll have the trifecta.

* * *

I'm not the only person who thinks Romney=Obama.

* * *

I can't believe it's already Tuesday again. Where did the week go? I have Bible study tonight and there's no choir practice this week. I need to call the therapist to schedule a new appointment after missing last week's, and there's a ton of other stuff that needs doing.

Also, still waiting and wondering whether I'll hear from Comcast.

*sigh* No one said it would be easy.

* * *

I think I've managed to weather whatever my problem with anxiety was. I can't think of anything that is or was bothering me, but that anxiety attack lasted--at varying intensities--from about Tuesday through Sunday, which is a long f-ing time. The Xanax helped me deal with it, which is what it's for, but damn did that suck.

So now I'm recuperating from it--sleeping a lot, mainly, even though I haven't had Xanax since at least Saturday night. I fell asleep at midnight (after anime) and then woke up at 4, feeling hungry; after eating some chicken stuff and the last eggroll from Friday's Chinese food I'm feeling sleepy again.

("Chicken stuff": it's chicken-flavored Rice-a-Roni with chicken and green beans. I don't know what else to call it since it's a superset of Rice-a-Roni, so it's "chicken stuff". How imaginitive.)

* * *

I've noticed an unintended consequence of my push to eat home-cooked food more often: I'm running the dishwasher a lot more, because I have to wash a lot more pans, dishes, and utensils than I do when I'm grabbing burgers or what-have-you. Right now I'm averaging 2x per week (where it was 1x per week before) but I'd wager I am still eating cheaper than I was under the old regime.

I really hope that wherever I end up living when this place is sold has a freakin' dishwasher. Damn is that convenient, even with today's phosphate-free dish detergents.

Speaking of detergents I really have to grate another Fels-Naptha bar. I'm down to perhaps one load's worth of homemade laundry detergent.

I could have done that while watching the anime playlist, had I thought of it. Argh etc. On the plus side I've done my laundry for the week, so it's not imperative that I get it done now. And if I suddenly found myself in need of doing a load of laundry, I've still got some liquid detergent left, so WTF.

* * *

...and wouldn't you know it, I had another idea for a manga series?

It's really not a whole series yet. Right now I've got in mind the introduction of the female lead and male lead, but no idea why they're meeting. It's an "otherworldly girlfriend" story, with a bit of either "collect them all" or "foil the big bad guy" for conflict.

The male lead is, of course, an ordinary Japanese high school guy. One evening he hears a noise in his otherwise-unoccupied house (busy parents, latchkey kid) and nervously goes to investigate, baseball bat in hand. He finds this girl rummaging through his refrigerator.

He's shocked that there's some stranger inside his house after dark; she's shocked he can see her.

"Who are you, and why are you rummaging around in my fridge after midnight?" He demands.

"I'm [I don't even have a name yet]. I'm a daemon," she tells him.

"A--a demon?"

"No, daemon. 'D-A-E'. Like in Unix, a background process or program."

...and it turns out that she's the personification of some physical process, something like heat transfer or maybe food spoiling or something. I haven't decided what she does, but of course she has powers related to her function.

I could, in fact, name the series Background Process if I had anything more than a vignette and the vaguest idea of what the series is about.

The daemon would be a minor one, though. She wouldn't be a big one, you know, like Gravity or Beta Decay or.... Kind of a neat take on animism, though; instead of "gods" being in charge of things like fire and nature and stuff, they're in charge of regulating the laws of physics. Only instead of them being "gods" they're all cute girls, because I like drawing cute girls and people like reading stories with cute girls. And teenaged boys tend to fall in love with cute girls, so it's even logical, at least as logical as a story like this could be.

I may need to get out more.

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