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#3207: I really suppose I should have been a high-energy physicist

I had the idea of using a magnetic field to compress the fuel instead of lasers in 1994. Well, others had thought of that, apparently, but no one really knew how to do that, so I guess my contribution to science isn't such a grand thing after all.

OTOH: some guy living in his parents' house who was going to trade school thought of that angle--maybe I'm smarter than I give myself credit for being.

Maybe it's just the f-ing obvious solution, too. I don't know.

* * *

I don't really have time for blogging right now. Bible study is at 7 and I--thanks to my own stupidity--was in bed all day from about 8 AM until 4:50. On the plus side I feel a hell of a lot better than I did last week at this time.

* * *

PETA says I'm a slave owner for having pets. Damn it. I'm such a screw-up, I can't even own slaves properly--all these slaves do is eat and sleep. I even have to clean their litter boxes myself.

* * *

I remember saying that the "Arab Spring" crap in Egypt was a re-run of Iran 1979.

* * *


Shipping rates have gone negative.

* * *

Another state--Missouri--joins Nevada in indicting criminal mortgage fraud. I can't help but think "fraud" when I read "robosigning" because it's been so sorely misused.

* * *

Dang, it's after 6 and I'm still not in the shower. Well, I've got some time yet anyway as that will only take half an hour at the outside, and it's not far to church.

As I was feeding the slaves cats this evening I was thinking about how much I'd like to bring sushi to Bible study, for the break. I think I'll get some cucumber and make kappa maki next week.

It was around 5 at the time and though it doesn't actually take that long, I require more time than two hours' notice to make sushi. I have to get ready to make it. Besides, I'm not sure I have any wasabi, and it wouldn't hurt to go get some fresh pickled ginger as the stuff in the fridge is...elderly. (Probably still good, but I don't want to risk it.)

"Nothing but cucumber, rice, and seaweed--no fish, raw or otherwise. Try it!"

(Actually, the folks in my Bible study group are all well-educated and--I estimate--cosmopolitan people. I bet they'd gobble it all up without me having to say a word.)

See: I live alone. Even when Mom was still alive, I was the only person in this house who'd eat sushi. There's no point to going to all that damn trouble to make the stuff if I'm going to make one roll, perhaps two.

But if I can make it for a group of about 14 people--

* * *

Christmas 2001 I had a "roll your own!" sushi party at my apartment in Cedar Rapids. A bunch of people stopped by, not all at once, and a good time was had by all. I made the rice and provided all the ingredients and tools; anyone who wanted to try could go right ahead and do it.

I also made a big batch of fried rice, which largely went untouched.

In 1997 I and a friend--who were taking a Japanese language course--made sushi for the last session of class, which was kind of a "pot luck" thing. Our teacher was native Japanese and at the next session of class (the next semester) she told me the sushi had been good: Oiishikatta yo!

So I know it's worth serving to people. So I'll do that next week, God willing.

* * *

I'm not going to make beef burgundy for a while. 2x in as many weeks--getting 4 meals or so from each batch--has run me right to the limit of what I can stand. I managed to choke down most of what was left while bloggeratin', but that's only because I had the distraction of writing to take my mind off what I was eating. *sigh* Too Much Of A Good Thing.

Should have learned my lesson with the beef stroganoff, last year....

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