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#3211: Ah, yes, now I remember.

For a certain reason I was looking at my CD of the OST for the film version of Godspell--there was a track name I wanted to refer to in response to Og's response to a comment I'd made here--but I decided not to go in that direction with my response.

Anyway, one of my sisters had gotten a copy of this on 8-track tape sometime in the 1970s, and I wore it out listening to it (on the big old console Hi-Fi that Dad got in like 1972) so I still know all the songs fairly well. I listened to it so much, one night I was laying down, trying to sleep, and could hear the solo at the beginning of the album, "Prepare Ye (the Way of the Lord)". I was 7; it freaked me out and I stopped listening to it so much after that.

I got the CD in 1999 or 2000, when I was still living in Cedar Rapids, but I hadn't listened to it for quite some time.

...I could not remember the second track, "Save the People". Every time I tried, my brain supplied the melody for "Beautiful City", one of the last few tracks on the album.

So I left it for a few days. How the hell did that song go? I thought. I HAVE to remember it eventually!

This afternoon, after therapy, I finally got a handle on the melody--and once I had that, the way the words fit it reminded me of the rest of it, and shortly I had regained access to the entirety of the song stored in my memory.

It was not stored 100% correctly, though.

...after my burrito (from Super Burrito!) and some reading, I decided--WTF--I was going to get the processor fan taken back to CompUSA, instead of taking a nap, so I got dressed and went.

I took Godspell with me.

I still can't listen to "Prepare Ye..." without it freaking me out. That guy singing that solo still reminds me of how I could hear it even though the house was totally silent. *shudder* But that part is short, and once the ensemble joins in it's a catchy little tune that eventually segues into "Save The People".

When singing the song previously I'd sung it as "When will God save the people/Oh God of mercy, when?" but that's not correct. It's "When wilt Thou save the people".

Good music, though. I didn't sing along, not until it got to "Light of the World"--I couldn't help but sing along with that one.

"By My Side" almost made me cry. Since the debacle in May I can't listen to sad music; I just can't. I was so depressed after hearing that one that I shut off the CD player halfway through "Beautiful City". I was getting pretty close to my destination by then, anyway.

(I got better, of course.)

To my surprise, I wasn't charged a restocking fee even though the thing had been opened. I browsed around the store a bit. Hard drive prices are still pretendous; they still don't stock any PCI video cards. (PCI-E, yes; PCI, no. And no, they're not pin-compatible.) They didn't have any DVD-WTF drives under $25.

...they had a standalone Blu-Ray player for $50, but it just didn't seem necessary.

On the way home I listened to one of the CDs I'd made for work at Target: the "Receiving Classical Mix", one of the mix CDs that I'd put together so I could listen to music on the CD player they had back there. It's mostly the Brandenburg Concertos (1-3) but there are a few other things, and the drive back from Orland Park was surprisingly stress-free because of it.

Got home, read some more, had a shower, played WoW...feeling pretty good now.

Anyway, I think "All Good Gifts" is probably my favorite track on the Godspell OST, particularly the part where the ensemble sings the second verse. Damn is that good.

And I'll tell you what: CD is certainly a hell of a lot more convenient than 8-track tape is.

(Full lyrics at the first link in the post, BTW.)

* * *

You know, I'm really glad I went and got that chore taken care of. It was a pain, but it needed doing, and now I've got one thing less on my "to do" list.

...but it's almost 6 AM and I've been awake since 3 PM. I need to go to bed.

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