atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3214: I make the rules around here!

I think I got about three hours of sleep and woke up hungry, so I got up and made ravioli.

Yes, it's not even 9 AM yet. Yes, ravioli is not considered a breakfast food. Yes, I have bacon and eggs and could have made that for breakfast.

But what I wanted was ravioli, so that's what I cooked. I'm the one who cooks the food and washes the dishes around here, so I get to decide what breakfast is.

And [intercourse] anyone who doesn't like it.

* * *

My one task for the day is to run a check over to the insurance office. That way I know it's paid before the due date, which is tomorrow. *sigh*

Still nothing from Comcast, but I was told last night not to worry about it: they're gearing up for more interviews and such, so keep your [appendages] crossed.

* * *

Speaking of [intercourse] I noticed that the strainer represents exactly the volume of a proper [mammary gland]. I think it'd be about a D-cup.

Then I got depressed because of how long it's been since I last [manipulated] [mammary glands] and [intercourse]. Hell, it's only been 2.42 years; the first dry spell was from August 1993 through August 2000 (seven years, less one week, in fact) and the second dry spell was from November 2003 through January 2009 (a bit over five years).

[Intercourse] is like oxygen: you only worry about it when you're not getting any. And right now I can't do squat about it. It's a hell of a thing.

* * *

It doesn't help matters one whit that, last night, I began reading the Fairy Tail manga over at The translation is less than good, if only because the translators totally muffed romanizing the names. (Guys? Ultear. Siegrainn. Gerard, Charle, and Erza, though the last three haven't come up yet. What I've seen so far does not leave a lot of room for confidence.)

In the "why, oh why did she have to be completely evil?" department: Ultear is super-extra-doozy hot. Of course she's probably the most evil woman in the series, particularl among recurring characters; every other antagonist has been defeated in detail but not her.

* * *

Taco Pie. One of these days I have to post (or find and link to) the recipe for Mexican Lasagna. Highly similar to this recipe, though, and I'll have to give this one a go.

* * *

Dinner tomorrow will be goulash, since I have all the components; I think tonight's dinner will be chicken stuff and asparagus--again because I've got everything I need to make it, and it's pretty simple in execution.

I just hope I actually make the apple crisp this week. And guess who's in control of that?

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