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#3216: Man, that was a MISTAKE.

I was up all night.

I goofed up on the sleeping thing, and slept until 9 or 10 last night. I got up, I made chicken stuff and asparagus, and ate that while playing WoW.

I was on WoW until 7:45 this morning.

Me, Sailor V, and Lemonzen ran five instances in Outland. Just the three of us--Emerald at lvl 70, Sailor V's toon at 65, and Lemonzen herself at 64. During the course of the evening the other two went up several levels; Emerald got 1, and is now 71st level, so Sailor V's toon can now quest in Northrend, and Lemonzen's is within a stone's throw of it.

It was a blast, though.

I logged off at 7:45, then hit the showers, and went to church; upon arriving home, I immediately tossed the ingredients for goulash into the crock pot. Once my blog post is done, I'm going to eat something simple, then hit the hay for a while. Shit.

* * *

Advice Goddess (re)learns that Lefties hate you for not sharing their politics.

Sorry; it's true.

* * *

Home-made soap redux. Brian Dunbar on the whys and hows of home-made laundry detergent; I couldn't have said it better myself.

"Really, I'm not eschewing modern prepackaged convenience in favor of brewing my own soap from atomic components." But damn it, it sure would be awesome if we could do that.

* * *

"10 Movies [or] TV Shows Where Everybody Probably Died 5 Minutes After the End".

#1: Avatar.
You just know that the humans nuked Pandora and killed all the Na'vi and avatars, five minutes after they reached their big mothership in orbit. That's the only logical course of action. What's Eywa or the big red dragon-rider guy going to do about it? As long as they can do it without damaging all that unobtanium, bombardment from orbit is the obvious next move.
Yeah: neolithic weapons and bio-USB links to flying mounts can't stand up very well to orbital bombardment with thermonuclear warheads.

In fact, they don't even need nuclear bombs; all they need is BIG ROCKS. That way there won't be any inconvenient radiation to worry about. Wreck the biosphere and wipe out the Na'vi; your miners can wear environment suits and there won't be a lick of trouble getting the unobtanium afterwards.

* * *

That's one of the big problems with science fiction movies: think the story through to its logical conclusion and half the time you haven't even got a story to tell. I mean, in the (apocryphal) Matrix: Revoltions everybody died. If I understand what happened, Agent Smith overwrote everyone in the world; and when he was dealt with that was it. The only surviving humans were the ones left in the wreckage of Zion.

...and even if that didn't happen, the Architect told Neo that the Matrix system was going to crash and kill everyone that was connected. So WTF.

Oh well.

* * *

Thanks to one of Sailor V's typos, I'm thinking of making a character named "Aggrodarius". He'd have to be a tank, with that name. I need another toon. *whimper*

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