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#3217: And while the apple crisp is baking....

Yeah, I finally got off my butt and made the apple crisp I've wanted to make for--how many weeks?

First, I got up from my nap, then cut up and sauteed the green peppers and added them to the goulash. Second, I put myself together and hit the store for Ginzo bread. I hadn't loaded up the bread machine because I didn't know when I'd actually wake up, and if you leave the loaf in there with the lid down the steam can't get out of the bread and it...kinda dies. (Bonus points: the beeper which lets you know the bread is done has died, so you have to set a timer, else the bread will finish baking and you won't know it...and the bread dies.)

Two of the apples had gone bad, as in "WTF! Did worms get in the fridge?" bad. And I ran out of good apples with the pan 3/4 accomplished, so I had to put myself back together and go get a couple more apples from the corner store.

I was getting the plastic wrap out to cover the pan, only it snagged on the underside of the cabinet and was pulled right out of my grasp--and my little finger ended up getting sawed by the tear strip. OW WTF @#*@#%*&!@#$*&!#@$*@#*&%#@&@#$!@#$%# GET OUT OF MY WAY CAT

Went and got two Jonagold apples for the princely sum of $0.96, then came home and finished the apple crisp. It is now baking. The goulash is basically done; when the apple crisp is finished baking I'm going to serve up a bowl of goulash, and eat it while the dessert cools.


* * *

Not long ago I was asked, "Do you miss your girlfriend?" And had to tell the (abbreviated) tale of why and how I ended up moving back to IL.

My initial answer was, "I miss having one" but really that's not the entire story. What she and I had was a pretty good thing (which is why I wanted to make it permanent) and I do miss that.

I just don't miss her. There's a difference.

She and I liked a lot of the same things and were a lot alike in many ways. We didn't feel the need to do anything, or go anywhere; being at home and cooking and eating dinner together (and then watching anime) was a fine evening for us. If she wanted to go out and do something she never hesitated to tell me, either, which was fine, because (like she was) I'm a homebody most of the time. Sometimes we'd put on some TV that didn't need the sound on, and I'd read my stories to her. We'd do the local anime and SF cons, and we liked RPGs and SF and even had highly similar tastes in music.

...but she herself? Look, I've had 8 years now to get over her--and have had two other serious girlfriends in the meantime plus a couple of "kinda-sorta" relationships. I have to wonder how many she's had; but considering I was her third boyfriend and the only man who'd ever (to that point anyway) ever expressed any interest in spending the rest of his life with her, well.... Shit happens and past trends are not indicative of future performance, but absent any major changes what would you expect?

No, I don't miss her, specifically. I don't want to get back together with her. That ship has sailed. Generally if a woman ends it, I keep it ended, permanently.

"Then why'd you get back together with your first girlfriend, moron?" Because it had been 17 years, that's why. People do change over time; I was more mature than I had been our first time around (she was too) and our relationship was just better. She'd split up with me in the middle of a schizophrenic episode so it really wasn't a solid end to the relationship, anyway.

But I don't miss her, either. No, the way she ended that one--that's over for good, this time.

Thank God I'm capable of making a clean break like that. Shit. If I were one of those beta herbs who kept calling and trying to get back together--if I was like that and suddenly realized how pathetic that was, I'd probably nip off and shoot meself in shame. WTF.

* * *

Og's got a good one here and I'm shamelessly stealing the image:

This is not an actual endorsement of Mitt Romney or anything. Though Dracphelan had an excellent point in his comment at this Fungus post:
You know, I was thinking of voting for the Libertarian candidate for President this year. However, a very good argument was given to me to vote for the Republican nominee no matter what. The Second Amendment decisions in the past few years have been 5-4 votes. It is very likely that one of those 5 will die or retire in the next 4 years. Even Romney is more likely to nominate a replace friendly to Second Amendment (and other personal liberty issues) than Obama. So, I will just have to suck it up and vote for whoever gets the nomination.
That is only compelling argument there is for voting for Romney.

It's a damn good point. The 'Bammer ain't gonna appoint someone who thinks the "right to keep and bear arms" means citizens get to own and carry firearms and Roe v. Wade demonstrated that the Supreme Court does not shy away from making power grabs of its own.

*sigh* Much as I hate being a single-issue voter, it might come down to that. 'Cause if they take our guns, they've taken our freedom.

* * *

I remembered, finally, why I haven't listened to Godspell for so long.


I had "God Save the People" stuck in my head for three days. Now it's finally gone on to the next track. *sigh*

* * *

The inevitable result of cutting off access to the government teat. Greece cannot continue to support its overspending on socialism. No one is going to continue to lend them the money, either. The result?

The people are rioting because the flow of "free shit" is going to end, and mobs are essentially children. "It's not fair you promised YOU PROMISED YOU PROMISED!!!"

* * *

As if I needed any reminders that Valentine's Day is nearly upon us:


* * *

Well: the goulash came out all right, except that the meat is overcooked despite the crock pot being on "low".

I suppose I ought to try filling it with water and comparing the "high" temp to the "low" temp and see which actually runs hotter. The "low" setting results in a pretty fair simmering boil; the "low" setting of a crock pot is supposed to result in a cook time of about 6-8 hours and this thing cooks a pot full of food in 4 hours on "low".

But it's tasty, even if the meat is falling apart. I cut up an entire fresh onion, and used three fresh green peppers, and it came out delicious.

Now for apple crisp!

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