atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3219: NO F-ING WAY ARE THOSE 34s!

88 cm is 34.65 inches, and there is no way in hell her bust measures 34 inches.


Not unless 34 is the measurement underneath them where there's nothing but rib cage. Because damn. Then her bra size might be something like 34H (in Japanese sides) or 34F (in American). But the cup size/strap ratio thing eludes me since I have better things to worry about than how bra sizes are figured.

The important thing to consider is that Lucy's breasts are big and firm:

When an admitted doppelganger of her lifts her bra, they don't go ploobadoof down to her waist; they bounce once and then look exactly the way they do when supported by a bra.

34? Oh hell no.

* * *

Of course I got worked up enough over this to post about it, even though I was just going to read a chapter or two of Fairy Tail and then go to bed. Of course I would! What part of "otaku" do you still not get?

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