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#3220: Ah, the hypocrisy of the anti-gun crowd.

This is the perfect example.
By 2010, [head of Media Matters David Brock]’s personal assistant, a man named Haydn Price-Morris, was carrying a holstered and concealed Glock handgun when he accompanied Brock to events, including events in Washington, D.C., a city with famously restrictive gun laws.
Let me clarify that: according to the rest of the piece this man was ILLEGALLY CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON.

Without a permit.

"One rule for thee, but not for me."

You see, that guy needed that handgun, because his life was in danger. He's not going to go shoot up a liquor store like you would, you flyover-country-redneck-Jesus-clinger! That's why it's okay for him to have a gun!

But those of you who live in the inner city and who can't afford to hire a personal bodyguard--no, you don't need any guns because you're not important like David Brock is!

* * *

A Supreme Court justice who voted against rendering draconian gun control laws unconstitutional is himself a crime victim. Gee, Mr. Justice, do you think that if you'd had a gun it might have changed how things played out?

Well, according to your own words, Mr. Justice, "I can find nothing in the Second Amendment’s text, history, or underlying rationale that could warrant characterizing it as ‘fundamental’ insofar as it seeks to protect the keeping and bearing of arms for private self-defense purposes." No? So you're fine being at the mercy of any old machete-wielding maniac who happens to think he deserves your money and other valuables?

Well, at least he's not a hypocrite like those other guys.

* * *

My favorite example was in the 1980s. There was a commie columnist in the Chicago Sun-Times, Carl Rowan, who was as anti-gun as they come.

...then one day the Sun-Times had an article buried way in the back of the paper about Rowan being arrested for having an illegal firearm. See, someone had come around his house, intent on mayhem, and he used the gun to defend himself.

Oh, it wasn't his gun, of course; it was his son's gun! He wasn't a hypocrite for using a gun to defend himself because he borrowed it!


* * *

Obama judge appointee says that we have the right to own guns, apparently, but not to use them. Oh, okay. That makes--

Wait, no it doesn't. More typical anti-gun stuff from our governmental overlords.

* * *

Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin's place: China's got a bunch of electric cars. Of course China--like the US--generates most of its electricity by burning coal, so in fact China has a bunch of coal-powered cars.

Net effect on greenhouse gas emissions, which don't matter anyway since there's been no global warming since 1997: increase.

Waste of time, effort, and money. They're better off building a bunch of lean-burn diesels.

* * *


Boss Tweek, before he was Boss, said that he'd cut the deficit in half. At the time he was campaigning the federal budget deficit was $455 billion and it's now $1,300 billion. I think he is applying the wrong value for "half".


Here's another attempt to sell the bullshit line that regulations create jobs.

Yeah, because the EPA is imposing draconian regulations on coal-fired power plants, a few companies that make stack scrubbers are going to run extra shifts to meet demant...for a little while.

The article doesn't say what will happen to the people whose jobs are ended when the plants they work at are closed, because the machinery is simply too old to be upgraded economically.
Between 1984 and 1994, a busy period for the EPA, the agency issued hundreds of clean air and water rules, which cost the four industries Morgenstern measured a total of $4.9 billion. In all, about 14,000 workers lost jobs. As the industries spent money to comply with the laws, they innovated. Steel companies hired workers to clean up and retrofit equipment. Plastics makers brought on engineers to develop safer products. Morgenstern estimates that in the end, the spending spurred by the government’s rules put 21,000 to 29,000 people to work.
Not mentioned: the steel plants that have been closed, the coal jobs lost, the jobs lost moving iron ore and coke around.

Besides which, money spent on compliance with regulation results in an opportunity cost: if you have to spend a certain dollar on complying with an EPA edict, you don't have that dollar to invest in capital improvements or hiring workers or developing new ways to make your products more competitive.

"Cleanup" jobs only last as long as there are messes to clean up. By definition this is not an ongoing job; they're not permanent jobs. A guy who loses his 20-year job when the coal plant closes down may get a job cleaning up the site, alongside his 18-year-old son, but how long will they be working there? Only until it's been cleaned up! After that, they're both out of work!

And there's nothing left in that town for them to do, unless Wal-Mart is hiring greeters and stockboys. At about 1/3 what their jobs as cleanup techs was, which was itself probably about half what the guy made at the coal plant after working there for twenty years.

It's nothing but election year bullshit. Bastiat explains why.

* * *

I was thinking about dubbing Fairy Tail to DVD this morning as I was waking up.

It would take 22 DVDs (at five eps each) to hold 115 eps (out of 117 extant) and about 44 hours' worth of dubbing.

If I had a good and stable video DVD authoring program it would probably take less time to do it that way; just tell it which eps to include and specify menu text and such, then--what?--ten minutes per disk to do the actual burning? Twenty? Figure it'd be about forty minutes, total, per disk, rather than doing the disk creation in real time.

...but I don't have that. Roxio is crap; Nero is crap. I don't know of any actual freeware programs that'll do what I need, either. So I'm stuck with dubbing!

And before I do Fairy Tail I want to finish Asobi ni Iku Yo and Haruhi....

* * *

It's Tuesday. I have Bible study tonight, and I want to try making sushi for snack time.

I guess I'd better dig out the recipe and see what I can do. And I'll have to go buy cucumber....

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