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#3221: Oh, there's no inflation--didn't you hear?

Karl Denninger discusses the January retail sales report, and it's only good news IF YOU COMPLETELY IGNORE INFLATION.

"Grocery stores were 45,833. Last year was 44,538. Here's the problem -- the CPI on food at home is claimed to be 6%, so the price-adjusted parity level is 47,210."

In other words: for retail sales simply to be flat they had to have a price-adjusted level of 47,210, but were only 45,833. This means that grocery sales--food sales!--have dropped by three percent from last year.

Okay? Sales of food dropped three percent from last year's levels.

Bad, bad, BAD news.

If people are buying less food and fuel than they were--and this report makes it plain that's the case--it does not bode well for the economy.

* * *

BTW, another bit about Lucy's boobs not being 34s--I dated a woman with 34D breasts, and they weren't anywhere near as big as Lucy's are. She might be a 34 if she's got some exotic cup size (FFF or GG or whatev) but somehow I doubt it.

* * *

So the latest thing the Democrats are trying to sell? "REPUBLICANS WANT TO BAN BIRTH CONTROL!!!"


* * *

I don't often link to "game" articles but this one about gender feminists against Valentine's Day is just too funny not to link to and comment about. The poster fisks stupidity from the "Occupy Valentine's Day" web site:
Have a sexy conversation by candlelight with your partner about structural inequity

You think this is a parody, but then you remember that feminists have no sense of humor. All real, all retarded.

Commit to never settling for anyone who is not good enough for you just because you are afraid to spend another Valentine’s Day alone

Ever notice how women with the fewest reasons to feel entitled are often the ones who most loudly proclaim their refusal to settle?

These are just a few ways we can use Valentine’s Day to raise awareness about the limited ways we think about romance.

Maxim #210: If you are using a romantic holiday as a pretext to raise awareness instead of raise erections, you are probably a fat loser.
This particular site tends to be overly harsh in its evaluations of "plus size" women, IMHO, but I infer that's because the guy is skilled enough with "game" to attract only the hottest women. His theory is that guys who "claim to like fat chicks" (his words, not mine) are in fact deluding themselves because of course no man can possibly want anything but society's ideal woman!

The one problem I have with this particular site is just that issue. Look at the artwork from Renaissance painters, and beautiful woman are portrayed as fat, or plump, or voluptuous. None of them looks like what we'd consider "beautiful" today. The fact is societal definitions of beauty are malleable.

But there are values of fat loser for which his maxim is correct. If you click at that link, have brain bleach ready. It's the same site, and there's a survey there which nicknames the pictured woman "Cigstache".

...I wouldn't get the big unit within a country mile of...that. But that's the sort of thing from which you can expect to hear the gender feminist nonsense about "sexy conversations about structural inequity". Because the hot chicks (and even the "average" or "plain" ones) have better things to do with their time.

So when he talks with derision about guys like me, who think the inside is as important as (if not more important than) the outside, I just ignore it. I don't know how old the guy is, but since his primary aim is "have sex with as many hot chicks as I can" it really doesn't matter. Those of us who prefer long-term relationships have different standards, I guess.

* * *

I think I'm going to put off making sushi until next week. I just don't have any energy to go buy the stuff I need.

The nori is...elderly. The pack of dessicant in the package was swollen to about 3x its original thickness, and it's been up in the cupboard in a zip-lock bag since 2005 or 2006. Six years is a bit long in the tooth for any food product that's not stored in a vacuum or an inert atmosphere.

I don't have wasabi, so I need to go get some. Pretty sure the store I usually shop at doesn't carry it; the nearest Oriental grocery store is in Orland Park, about a half-hour drive away from here. And I need nori, too, anyway, which is not the kind of thing you generally find at grocery stores in the south suburbs. Ditto for the pickled ginger.

It's a shame, because I have a taste for sushi, damn it.

But I can go get the supplies sometime in the next week and make the sushi one week from now, and hopefully everything will be fine.

* * *

Yucky weather today and I don't have any energy. I wonder if those two facts are related....

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