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#3223: Obamanomics and DOOM!

That last post got too long for me to keep going, so here's the rest of today's linkydink and ascerbic commentary.

Federal spending. The wars are winding down, unemployment insurance outlays are decreasing as people run out of eligibility, and "stimulus" (porkulus) spending is similarly coming to a close.

...yet federal spending remains high and the deficit continues to be well over a trillion dollars.

The money that's not being spent on wars and such is being spent elsewhere, because the federal budgets are larger every year, regardless of inflation. (Yeah: there's no inflation, but federal line items get an automatic 8-10% increase every year. And whenever a line item gets less than that automatic increase, they call it a "cut".)

* * *

Obama is ripping off Social Security for the sake of political maneuvering. The SSI payroll tax cut merely takes money out of the SSI line item.

Look: there is no "trust fund" or "lock box", unless you count a few hundred filing cabinets full of IOUs. The money has been spent. It was spent years ago; the government used the money to buy treasury bonds so it could spend the money, and the only thing making those bonds worth more than toilet paper is "the full faith and credit of the United States". Yeah.

SSI is on the verge of having its cash flow go negative for the first time in decades; it's going to be paying out more than its taking in next year.

And what is he offering as one reason to extend this? Oh, because gas prices went up 83% since he took office, that's why.

Of course that has nothing to do with the various policies of his administration that have made fuel more expensive....

* * *


Flights by domestic airlines hits a 10-year low.The overall number of flights by U.S. airlines have steadily declined since 2008 when the recession dampened travel demand. Most recently, stubbornly high fuel prices have prompted airlines to further cut capacity to reduce costs and maintain higher fares.</blockquote>Not mentioned: the increasingly-intrusive TSA. Bet on it being a factor, though.

But we're in a recovery! Everything is fine! Unemployment is down and GDP is rising!


Chicago is the most corrupt city in US. Go Illinois! GO GO GO!


We're going to come to regret allowing FDR and the Democrats to socialize the US to the extent that they did. We will:
Reform will come—the status quo simply cannot be maintained. But reform will impose a great deal of pain in a nation where so many have come to depend on the state for so much and there are few live alternatives.
Since the sitting government has absolutely no interest in changing the status quo, "reform" will only come after the collapse of the gigantic Ponzi scheme that is the US Federal government.

* * *

Fred's right about illegal immigration.
The fact is that the illegals come to work, and do, well and hard, which is why conservative patriotic busnessmen block attempts to restrict immigration.

Which would be easy to do. Again, they come to work. Don't hire them, and they won't come. Illegals don't take jobs from Americans. Americans give them the jobs.
Conservatives aren't the only ones, of course; but liberal Democrats blocking those attempts is a given because that's where they get their voters.

Fred's piece decries those who regard illegals with contempt. Well, I don't have contempt for them; I save that for the two-faced politicians.

Is massive immigration good for the US? I doubt it. Are all the illegals wonderful people? No. In the long run will there be a happy ending? I don't know; to date there hasn't been.
My objection to illegal immigration stems entirely from the adjective: illegal.

I want immigration, but I want it controlled and limited by the law. That means anyone who comes here illegally should not be employed, nor should they get free long-term hospital stays. Okay, if you come here and get shot, you get stabilized and maybe treated, but then you get shipped back to where you came from.

The bullet is removed and your wounds patched up, but then you're shipped back to Mexico or wherever.

People who employ illegals are arrested and tried and punished for violating federal employment laws.

If we're unhappy with the laws, change the laws. You can't just decide not to enforce the laws you don't like.

* * *

High glaciers in Asia aren't shrinking as fast as the global warmmongers said they were. They said "50 billion tons per year" and the fact is that they're barely topping 4 billion tons per year.

The real data values are less than 10% of their projections.
But why were the previous estimates so far off? Take a deep breath...
One possible explanation is that previous estimates were based on measurements taken primarily from some of the lower, more accessible glaciers in Asia and were extrapolated to infer the behavior of higher glaciers. But unlike the lower glaciers, many of the high glaciers would still be too cold to lose mass even in the presence of atmospheric warming.

"Extrapolated". "Infer". Yeah.

And, by the way, that "4 billion tons per year" figure isn't even a good figure:
And that's with an error range of 20 billion tons! That is, the net melt is likely between 24 billion and MINUS 16 billion. (That range of error means they don't even know if the glaciers are growing or shrinking.)
This isn't science. Okay? That's not even in the same zip code as science.

But we have to cut our carbon emissions and freeze in the dark because "the science is settled".

* * *

As for me, I'm hoping to get a few errands done today. I'm thinking I'll make the run to the oriental grocery in Orland Park for sushi stuff, and maybe a couple of other things; on the same outing I might stop in at Best Buy to see if they have anything I can use as a cover/case for my Kindle. (They used to, but probably don't now; anyway I want to take a gander at some other stuff, too, like computer hardware.)

I also need to hit K-mart and get cat litter and diet Pepsi, both of which are on sale this week.

But my first step is to take an f-ing shower and then go get food from Culver's. I've been eating nothing but chicken stuff, goulash, and apple crisp since the weekend. As good as these things are, I've got a craving for something hefty right now, damn it.

I'm allowed to eat out 1-3 times per week under the new regime--more if I get more than one meal from each outing. Since it's Wednesday, that's fine. But I plan to make a big pot of yakisoba again this week, so I'll probably be scarfing down those leftovers for at least a couple of days and it obviates the need for Chinese.

*sigh* What a complex business.

* * *

At some point I want to have Sailor V and Lemonzen over for a video fest--an all-day thing would be nice, something where we could break up the monotony of watching vids by playing WoW and doing other things. Spellfire, perhaps, though we'd have to teach her how to play. Maybe I could dig out the Pirates cards. I don't know.

What I do know is that it'd be a fun time. We were going to do something like that for Sailor V's birthday, but that's past now.

* * *

This coming weekend I may be having my nephew down here for a few days. My brother wants to get him out of the house, esp. since his default position is to sit inside with his laptop.

It'd be fun, and maybe I can take this opportunity to teach him some basic auto maintenance techniques. I warned my brother, however, that Todd would be expected to attend church on Sunday....


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