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#3226: Did I misremember, or what?

Well, it's not the right rear. It's the left rear.

I had the devil's own time getting the RR drum off, but when I did it looked entirely normal, so I buttoned it back up and switched sides.

All I needed to do was to get the wheel off, and damn. I mean, when you've got a drop of brake fluid hanging from the underside of the drum that's usually a pretty solid clue that you're going to be replacing something.

The left-side drum came off a lot more easily than the right side did, probably (at least in part) because it was lubricated with brake fluid. The entire mechanism under the drum is soaked with the stuff.

Called my uncle and got a ride to Advance Auto. Turns out I got lucky, as he and my aunt were just about to go to Orland Park to feed my cousin's cat. I called just in time.

So I picked up:
Oil filter
6 qts 10w-30 oil
2 14 oz bottle of brake fluid (BOGO, so it was $4 for 28 oz, better than $8 for 32 oz)
2 16 oz cans of brake cleaner (BOGO, so two cans for $5)
Lucas fuel injector cleaner
Took that to the counter and then asked about the brake parts.

"Nine or ten inch drum?" I was asked. You know, if the Advance Auto web site had any indication of this I could have known in advance what I needed, but NO....


I bought my supplies and my uncle then drove me back home. He spent a little time looking over my "calamity" (or whatever it was he called it) and commiserated a bit; I told him I could easily take the motorcycle back to get the parts if he wanted to get going to my cousin's place, so he took his leave and I got out my helmet and backpack.

The motorcycle, of course, took an egregious amount of time to warm up (February, after all) but once it was ready I rode back to Advance Auto knowing I needed nine inch brake parts. The brake cylinder cost me the princely sum of $10; a new set of brake shoes was $19. They can't look up old receipts there the way they can at Autozone, damn it, but WTF: it's $20. I'll just make sure that this time I'll file the receipt where I can find it again.

On the way home, then, I was grinning to myself because it's simply been too long since I rode my motorcycle. The ride was over all too soon. I didn't even put on another layer of clothing under my jeans, like sweats or something; I was fine, especially since I wasn't going faster than 40 anywhere on my ride and it's a pretty short trip. No problem.

It looks like the weather tomorrow will be about the same as today's, so I believe I'll try to get this thing fixed tomorrow. I don't have time now; I need to go to therapy and by the time that's done the sun will be getting pretty low in the west. I have to completely disassemble the brake mechanism to replace the cylinder; and anyway since the pads are soaked with brake fluid I really have to replace them, too.

(In a pinch, you can get away with cleaning brake pads of brake fluid with gasoline and letting them dry thoroughly before using them. This isn't one. Anyway you still have to remove them from the vehicle to clean them correctly.)

I can walk to choir practice tonight, anyway, so it's not all that big a deal if the Jeep is not drivable tonight. In fact, in the event that I absolutely must go somewhere, the motorcycle ought to do fine. Just put on my snow pants and off I go.

Okay, and if it suddenly dumps 15" of snow overnight? I'll just put the drum back on, top up the master cylinder, and [intercourse] it. WTF.

I would wait for Sunday if my brother and sister-in-law hadn't asked me to have my nephew over for a couple days this weekend. I don't know when they want to do the hand-off, but I most definitely do not want to drive a vehicle with a compromised braking system on the Illinois tollways. No.

But maybe I'll still use Og's garage for the oil change and grease job the Jeep needs...we'll see.

Anyway, I've got to go to therapy now. And then get a Super Burrito! on my way back. And I want a shower before choir tonight, so I'm going to be busy for the next several hours.

Man, it never rains, but it pours. Geeze.

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