atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3229: Yes, let your soap dry out.

I just finished making batch #2 of the homemade laundry detergent.

As stated here:

...I bought two Fels-Naptha bars to incorporate into future batches of home-made laundry detergent, and I opened the packages to let the soap dry out. I figure it'll be easier to grate (and load up the grater less) if the cakes are dry.

I put them on shelves in Mom's room, and I can smell them from in here. They have a pleasant scent, though, so that's okay.
I was right when I came to that conclusion. I was able to grate a totally dry cake of soap in about 10 minutes. The grater didn't load up this time, and I got a finer powder out of it as well.

I had to run the borax and the washing soda through the flour sifter, though, to break up the lumps. Then once it was all mixed together I ran the mixture through the sifter, too, and gave it a final hand mix before dumping it into the cottage cheese container.

The last batch lasted four months, so I should be good, now, for another four months.

--four months' worth of laundry done for $3 worth of detergent. You just cannot beat that.

* * *

Everything I'm using is water soluble, so it's just a matter of rinsing the implements really well once the job is done. It's not like my next batch of brownies is going to taste like borax because I used the sifter to break up the lumps.

* * *

Man, I'm running out of juice again, and it's only 9. Well, I started doing my laundry so I can't go to sleep until the second load is in the dryer; that'll be in about an hour or so.

Maybe watch some anime while I'm waiting. Yeah, that'd be good.

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