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#3232: This Heartland Institute thing keeps getting better

Looks like some pro-AGW folks decided to invent their own "Climategate" by faking some of the stuff allegedly stolen from Heartland Institute.

Hey, I see a pattern. Much the same way they made up AGW in the first place, now they're making up shit against effective AGW opponents.

Vox Day discusses the matter.

From the article he links: "Peter H. Gleick, a water and climate analyst who has been studying aspects of global warming for more than two decades,..." And it's headlined with, "Peter Gleick Admits He Obtained Fakegate Documents by ‘Deception’, Heartland Responds".

And "In his statement, Gleick claims he committed this crime because he believed The Heartland Institute was preventing a 'rational debate' from taking place over global warming."

Translation: "Well, we did do the nose. And the hat. But she's a witch!"

Vox Day then comes to these conclusions:
1. Contra their feverish insistence that the Climategate emails didn't reveal anything significant or do any serious harm to their cause, it's obvious that the global warming scammers believe that they did. Hence the document theft and release.

2. The stolen Heartland documents that were released didn't actually do any harm to the anti-AGW cause or it would have been unnecessary to forge any documents.

3. The global warming scammers understand that they have failed to convince enough people that the scientific consensus is settled.

4. They're getting seriously desperate.
I've edited each conclusion to its initial sentence simply in the interests of space.

Michelle Malkin. But she just posts Gleick's admission of fraud and then Heartland Institute's response to it.

Climate Audit discusses the issue.

My own observations:

First, I find it interesting that the Climategate data (from East Anglia's CRU) didn't contain any forgeries, while the attempted impeachment of the Heartland Institute (HI)relies solely on a forged memo and the deliberate misinterpretation of budgetary information.

The CRU stuff was redacted of personal information. The HI stuff wasn't.

Second, I find it amusing that Arse Technica (the global warming resource) jumped on this story with both feet...and now that the fraud has been admitted they are very carefully saying nothing whatsoever about it. Their initial post is the only thing mentioning it and it hasn't been updated since they added this bit of snark:
Update: The Heartland Institute has acknowledged that some of the documents were theirs, but claims that a strategy document is fraudulent. [WE KNOW THEY ARE LYING!] Although other sources indicate that the Heartland is preparing an educational program, none speak to the motivation behind this program.
Emphasis added. "None speak to the motivation behind this program"? How about "telling the truth about why climate changes" for starters? How about "to counter the AGW bloviation machine"? Eh?

Nowhere on their front page do they say, "Oh, by the way, Gleick has admitted that he faked that shit". Why would they acknowledge that the only way the guys on their side could counter Climategate was by making shit up the same way the climate "scientists" have been making shit up all along.

Exactly the same as these folks have done with Michael Mann's "hockey stick graph", instead of publicly saying, "Yeah, we were wrong about that," they're merely sweeping it under the rug and pretending it never happened.

--if Michael Mann's fraudulent paper were to be acknowledged as manufactured of made-up data--and not merely "wrong"--it would of course cast the entire AGW industry in a bad light. And so climatologists prefer to hide the skeletons in the attic and not discuss them, rather than do science the way it's supposed to be done. Which is to say, when you screw up, you admit that you're wrong.

My favorite example of real scientists doing their thing is still the story about the astronomers who were looking for exoplanets, and--to their excitement--discovered (they thought) an exoplanet which had a one-year orbit. It went around its star in one year! No one had ever seen that before!

And so these two guys were all set to discuss their paper at a conference, and were in their hotel room giving everything the once-over...and realized that when they'd done their calculations they'd forgotten to account for Earth's movement around the sun.

Talk about embarassing. There was no exoplanet in a 1-year orbit; the star appeared to wobble because of the parallax due to Earth's own orbit. They didn't have a groundbreaking paper and they'd discovered nothing but the fact that Earth orbits the sun which--as you might imagine--is not exactly news, particularly to astronomers in the late 20th century.

So they got up and delivered their talk--suitably modified--and admitted to their assembled peers, "We fucked up. Sorry about that."

This is how REAL scientists work. Not by making up data that confirms their pet ideas, not by covering their asses when they make mistakes, and not by perpetrating fraud. Those things are the provenance of charlatans and fakirs, not scientists.

* * *

Cop threatens to "make stuff up". Yeah, when a cop says he's going to arrest you for a crime you didn't commit and then tells you he's going to "make stuff up", that's just banter, don't you know? Because he didn't actually make up anything, he was just talking shit and it's perfectly fine.

You try using that defense if you're ever arrested for threatening to beat someone up, even if you didn't lay a finger on him, and see how well that works for you.

This guy should not be allowed to wear a badge and carry a gun.

* * *

More on the media double-standard that liberals claim doesn't exist. Yeah, gas prices are up 83% under Obama and there isn't so much as a peep about it from the mainstream media.
NYT March 2011 ($3.57 a gallon): US better prepared for rising gas costs

NYT August 2005 ($2.55 a gallon): Economy shows signs of strain from oil prices
What do you expect? With a little (D) in the White House, of course the mainstream media isn't interested in connecting high gas prices to who's running the country.

* * *

Right now gasoline is about $3.50 a gallon here in Fungus-land. But it might skyrocket this year thanks to the SCOMF's idiotic energy policies. For him, that's a win, because he wants gas to be really expensive. It's been a Democrat desire for years to have gas cost as much in the US as it does in Europe, not least because Euro-gas costs that much due to excessive taxation. Democrats never saw a tax they didn't love!

Iran is the biggest trouble spot in the middle east and it's been that way for 30 years. I was surprised when Bush was planning to go after Iraq rather than Iran (I thought Iran made more sense) and to this very day I think that taking out the government of Iran would have been a better move. Still, the Bush Doctrine worked very well at keeping islamic terrorists focused on anywhere other than the United States, so WTF.

But at some point the world has to stand up to this islamofascist shithole. Enough is enough. Problem is, regardless of how that happens, it's going to mean gas prices in the stratosphere for everyone.

* * *

We'll start off the daily DOOM! with links from places other than the DOOM! post itself:

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's place: Disability claims are rising as unemployment rises. If your unemployment benefits have run out and you can do nothing else, what do you do? Well, you claim to be disabled for one reason or another and then you hire a lawyer and apply for disability.

Disability ain't much, but it's income. My most recent ex-fiancee is on disability (for a legitimate reason) and manages to live well enough on it.

Heck, I've thought about it, myself. If being on disability for an anxiety disorder wasn't an automatic DQ for owning firearms, I'd probably already have my application in.

Because The argument can be made that the real unemployment rate is 36%. "What is the current percentage of working-age Americans, eligible to participate in the civilian labor force, but not currently working? Answer: 36.3 percent."

I don't know how far that number drops when you exclude people who simply cannot be expected to hold down a full-time job for medical reasons (such as my ex). But if you assume that as much as 16% of the total workforce--just to pick a number from an anatomically unlikely orofice--falls in that category, it still means that real unemployment is 20%.


Gallup says unemployment rose back to 9% in February. But Gallup is not the US federal government, which has a stake in making unemployment look better than it actually is.

Okay, now the DOOM! post itself--

There is a problem with the tire supply. Tire outlets having trouble getting tires to sell--what the hell is that about?

Anyone else remember Obama's tariff on Chinese tires? I'd wager that was a factor in this. (Tried to leave similar comment at the site, and was stopped by CAPTCHA. Argh.)

Gas prices are rising in spite of decreased demand. Demand for fuel in the US essentially fell off a cliff, yet it costs as much as ever. Why is that? Lack of refining capacity, Iran, switch from winter to summer blend, etc.

Electricity demand is also not rising, which gives the lie to the media stories about the "economic recovery". I maintain that there has been no recovery, that we're still in a recession that began in 2007, and that any assertion to the contrary is "lies, damned lies, and statistics".

* * *

When you have children, your first responsibility is TO THEM, NOT TO YOURSELF. That includes, by the way, your feelings about your spouse; you don't get to say, "Oh, well, the magic's gone, so we're getting a divorce" when you have kids.

It used to be that divorce was socially unacceptable in all but the most extreme cases (he's a wife-beater, she's a trollop, one or the other does something truly reprehensible). That meant that if you decided that it just wasn't as much fun being married as it was in the early years, you had two choices:

1) like it

2) lump it

...divorce was not one of them. Anyone who got a divorce--especially if there were kids!--faced the disapproval of the community at large for being selfish.

These days? Ha.

And it's much the same for idiots like this one, who just up and decide to leave their careers in order to "follow their hearts". When you're unmarried and have no children, you can do whatever the hell you want because it only affects you. If you're hungry, it's your own damn fault because you're working as a freelance painter or a drummer or WTF-ever instead of holding down a real job. Okay, but when you have kids your first f-ing responsibility is to make sure they have food, clothing, shelter, and medical care (and to a lesser extent education, but you don't NEED that to stay alive).

Okay: so this guy chose to support a wife and two kids on the salary garnered by a student taking his Master's degree. Health insurance is expensive, particularly when you have kids; this is bad decision #1. (And why wasn't his wife working if they had no f-ing money to pay for health insurance?)

Bad decision #2: abandoning his PhD and going "freelance". "It’s not that we are irresponsible, but the numbers. just. don’t. work," he says. Well, buddy, guess what? Going "freelance" when you have to support a wife and kids is irresponsible.


* * *

Today I'm going on a Trojan hunt before I do anything else; but I have to do some grocery shopping and I want to make sushi for Bible study tonight.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor. I'm trying to get my f-ing pills refilled again.

I called the RX refill in last week when I had 10 doses left. That was Thursday; when I called Wal-Mart yesterday to find out if my RX was ready, guess what?

So I called the doctor's office and got voice mail, so I left an annoyed message about this being the third time I've gone through this rigamarole with them. They called back at 5:45, after I'd left to take my nephew home, so I had to wait until 9:30 today to call them. Of course I got the voice mail again (argh) but eventually they called me back.

The secretary told me the doctor wants to see me and that he "doesn't prescribe" Paxil; I've got an appointment to see him tomorrow. (She said he'd refill the Xanax though--WTF.) I'm down to four doses now of my pill, and it's not the kind of pill you can quit cold turkey, and I am not giving up the medication that keeps my brain on an even keel.

This is ridiculous. I'll see this guy tomorrow, and if I don't get some decent kind of refill for my pills, I'm going to find a new doctor at a new clinic.

* * *

Well, my nephew and I got the 35" moved into the family room and set up, but I didn't recycle the console TV. I decided it costs me nothing to stash it where the 35" was sitting, and this way I don't have to listen to anyone screaming at me because I recycled something without consulting anyone else first.

I can add the spare stereo at my leisure, which will make it a home theater powerhouse (sort of). It doesn't look too bad sitting there, either.

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